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    Different opinions on the same matter- why?

    I observed that the experts have different opinions on the same matter. Can you please elaborate on why?

    I want a clear clarification on these matters.
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    I appreciate your keen observations in Ask Experts section. There are some questions on which you might find varying explanations but they are not contradictory in their nature. There are some finer points in some questions and there is definitely some scope for variations in answer.

    For example, UGC allows only for one regular course and one correspondence course at a time but if someone brings details that one is doing a regular course in the morning session and another in evening session then UGC may again consider it as correct. In fact, UGC is already contemplating for allowing this - two regular courses simultaneously - and that might get the approval of the Govt also.

    We have a plethora of rules, regulations, and guidelines in each of our educational activities and while explaining a particular aspect there could be a difference of opinion and it may become a matter of discussions among the people knowing that thing in details and sometimes it is also possible that a few among them would correct themselves after knowing the exact stipulation. So to that extent, these variations are admissible. We all are in a learning process and no one has all the knowledge of the world with him. We only try to do our best by giving the most reasonable answer.
    Hope it gives solace to your query.

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    Rules and regulations will be the same for all people. So if somebody asks for rules, the answers should be the same. But the wording may be different. But if it is a general aspect where we have to give our opinions, different people will have different opinions. so opinions will differ. People should go with the opinions they feel more suitable for them.
    Every subject will have different angles and during the course of the discussion, Different people will bring in different points. The receiver should take the opinions which best suits his position.

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    The explanation given by Umesh Sir is quite relevant. While attempting Ask Experts Questions , you might have come across variance and for which due explanation has been provided by him.
    In course of medical parameters, it could be better on your part to refer to some medical journal to verify the authenticity of the answers explained by the authors. In case of wide varriance, you are most welcome to alert the author so that he could take some corrective measures prior to answering questions related to this section.
    Our aim is to provide you quality answers but any suggestion for the improvement from your side is most welcome.

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    Radha, please specify the answers which you felt are contradictory. We have checked the answers to your query as well as the earlier one and could not find any contradictory answers. Though the first response is not a direct answer to your query it does not contradict the other answers in any way. Your query is related to a policy matter and all the responses are basically based on the existing UGC policy only.

    Still, we will try to clarify your doubt, if any, if you can be specific.

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