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    The art of looking in the mirror

    The mirror is not a mere object where one sees his or her own image. It can and should act as a sounding board for enabling any human being to live that particular moment and recall whatever good or bad he or she had done in the past 12 hours or so. A few seconds of staying in that particular moment will also refresh one's mind on words to be spoken or behaviour to be exhibited either in the office or at home.

    Such important self-introspection will enable any human being to listen to his or her inner voice and be a little more aware of the important things to be done on that day or the next day. Triggers for constructive action can also arise from such reflection. It does take a little bit of practice. However, such serious self-introspection can help any human being to renew himself or herself and move on to do better things at any point in time.
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    Why we require a mirror to have an introspection, I don't understand. Your soul knows everything you did. Your physical appearance is nothing to do with the introspection. If you want to see how you appear or is there is anything you have to do for better appearance. To review what you did and to know the areas where you can improve and correct yourselves, you should have some time to sit and think back. Your mind will do that. If we stand before a mirror our eyes will be active in seeing ourselves in the mirror and our concentration will be there on that only and we can't concentrate more on our thought process. Anyhow it is good to introspect ourselves once in a while and amending ourselves so that we will be more human and we will become a perfect gentleman.
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    Looking at the mirror for self introspection may be one of the ways but the other way may be your souls having witnessed the events good or otherwise and while making any amendment in our behaviour, we need to go through self introspection for the better appraisal.
    Better introspection can be carried out by analysing ourselves and of course the approach must be honest. In that way, you will come across wonderful ideas suggesting the ways how we can project ourselves in an effective way. Listening to your heart is always better if we are serious in changing some of the habits. Hence in such situations, your soul is a better guide suggesting you the ways for your improved personality.

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    It's the philosophical outlook of the author that a mirror is the source of self-introspection. His idea is not bad. But we don't look into the mirror to judge what we have done or how we have done in the last 12 hours. We see our look and appearance into the mirror and make ourselves impressive apparently. However, we should introspect our doings and sayings and try to rectify them and keep on doing them in array but how many of us think in this way? Hardly, few. As we accept ourselves as we are and we assess that we are the best of all and all our assessment is based on our conjecture and self-satiation thinking. To keep us on right track as a good human being, however, it's obligatory on us to do introspection.

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    Philosophically, when one is looking in a mirror then one is with oneself and that is the time for introspection and self assessment for past activities and planning for future tasks. The pondering carried out in such a short time could do wonders in ones life if one is not oblivious of this awakening otherwise it is simply an event in the average day in ones life. This is a bit unusual pattern but those who have learnt it will be benefited by it.
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    The mirror not only portrays the outer appearance of us but also gives the feeling if inner satisfaction when we tend to appreciate the overall personality, the hair style, the dress statements and also looking beautiful and handsome. Some have the liking for adoring self with good ornaments on their body and they keep on getting amused by the great rich looks. But what I feel that we should not use any age defying creams and tablets which may be for temporary pleasure of looking young but our inner voice keep on reminding that we have been getting aged and the the fashion is farce. But retrospection do takes place ones we stand in front of the mirror. Instead of evaluating positively, we should be our own critic and find out the draw backs in our facial expressions, looks and what the changes has to be taken care off.
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