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    Repetition of studies is key factor for academic success of mediocre students

    Every student is not very brilliant. Many are mediocre and may be hard working but are not very intelligent. They work hard but their memory may not be sharp and may take more time in understanding the basic academic concepts. Some of them can get discouraged by this also and may not take interest in studies thinking that it is not their cup of tea. I was also not a brilliant or highly intelligent student but my learning experience in this matter is different and I want to share this with the students who are sailing in the same boat. When I was in my college then I found that some students were scoring high marks with less studies while many of us were doing much studies but were not able to score high. That time I could not find any reason for that anomaly. Anyway, I continued and did more and more hard work and with more number of repetitions of my syllabus in different subjects and finally with great efforts I could match my score with the brilliant ones and they might be surprised as how this mediocre one came so near to them. So, the lesson learnt was that the key to academic success lies in going through the syllabus multiple times as a single scan is not going to help to the mediocre students. We have to compensate for our deficit in intelligence and memory. Do you agree with this finding?
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    For that matter even the dull and average students would not agree to be detained and want to pass some how by scoring at least the basic marks to get promoted to next class. What I feel that even the dull and average students if they listen to the classes of the teacher they can score the minimum marks with ease. Because every exam is set in a way that the poor and less educated students go through the exams with at least pass marks which can be scored through objective questions and short answers and that could be the great relief for the self and the parents who are more worried about the studies.
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    I reiterate that different students have different perceptions and retention of information. Good memory also helps in the studies and its retention and representation later during examinations. Dull students have to work hard and during the limited time they may have to go through the course multiple times to engrave it in memory perfectly. The essence is anyway hard work.
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    The intelligence and grasping power students will be different from one to the other. Some students have to do a lot of hard work to get a good score in the examinations. But some may score higher marks easily without much hard work. The very reason is the difference in their grasping power. Some students remember what they read even once also. But some people have to read many times to remember what they read.
    Some students will understand the subject very well when they hear their teacher. But some will have many doubts and those doubts are to be clarified and then again study the subject. That may take more time.
    Some students will go for combine studies. A mediocre student should not go for a combined study with a fast learner. That will be like an energetic bull on one side and an old bull on the other side for a cart. There will be an imbalance.

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