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    Is the glass half empty or half full?

    Some people always look happy and some people always look unhappy or worried. What is the reason of their happiness or unhappiness?
    Is the glass half empty or half full? It is a proverbial term, generally used rhetorically to imply that a specific condition or situation could be a cause for pessimism (half empty) or optimism (half full), or as a general litmus test to barely infer an individual's way of thinking about a particular issue. The aim of the question is to display that the situation may be observed in different ways depending on individual's point of view which determines what type of person he is. Does he think in a positive way or in a negative way. His thinking reflects his personality to the world. Everyone comes across different situations at every step while exposing to the social or business or employment or dealings or family issues but specifically, some people keep their eyes on bright side of the situation, despite undergoing some untoward situation they upheld their optimistic view. Such people don't cry for help before the world while being under adverse situation. Level of their self confidence is so high that howsoever, they make their way through scattered throns. At the end of the day these people emerge as the successors of the successful people. On the other side some people always keep their eyes on negative aspect of any issue. Such people can never be happy even in their happy moments. They miss to enjoy their life.
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    This post has very great and deeper meaning and it is the fact that those who are wiser they think that half is full and half need to be achieved. And those who are not wiser half is empty because still much has to be done.
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    Very true. We see the world with what we think and not as the world actually is. Our approach to the understanding of various activities and things around us is what we perceive immaterial of what they are. Positive thinking and positive perspective are very much important in our lives and they make a difference as how and what we view around us. Negative thinking and negative approach are harmful to our personality and make our vision deceptive and our perceptions are highly distorted. It should be our endeavours to refrain and remain far from negative territory.
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    The mindset and the thought process will differ from person to person. Some people try to see the brightness in dark. Some people search for darkness in full bright situation. A parent should be happy when their child scores more than 95% in his examination. Many people do that. But some people start complaining that their son didn't get school first and he scored only 95%. The understanding will always is in the hands of the individual. One should be positive in their thinking. Then only they will be successful. If you feel that the glass is half full, it gives you positive energy and you will become enthusiastic and start thinking about how to make the glass full. If you feel that the glass is half vacant you will get negative energy and you start worrying about the vacant place and start thinking about what happens if we consume that water also. So we will not get constructive thoughts. So this sentence will make us to understand our own nature of understanding the situation.
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    Such people, who always appear to be half-full of glass in life, always see the bright side of a particular object or any event that occurs in their life. Such people have not got what they have got or could not get in their life, that is, instead of running after or sitting in the half-empty glass, and celebrating their grief, what they have got in their life means that the glass is full They feel happier and try to enjoy the same happiness and happiness in their life. There is never a situation in the life of any human being in which everything he has wanted in life has been attained if a man leaves his concern for unfulfilled things in his life and what he has received in life. If he tries to find happiness, then he will continue to feel happiness and bliss throughout life. There can always be two points of view of anything related to the life of a person or an event that occurs. Now it depends on the person how he sees them.
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    The glass is neither half empty nor half full. We should say that the glass is half-filled(not half full).
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    @SuN: Your objection has its own importance but I can do nothing when English people themselves don't call it half filled?

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