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    Indian women and Gold Jewels-both add value

    Some common names of women in Southern parts of India are Thankam, Kanakam, Swarnam, Ponnu etc. In other parts of India Sona, Sonu, Sonali, Kanchan, Kanchana, Hema, Mazneen,Swarna, Tanvia, Tanishka,Vainavi, Zerbaha,Zehba etc are common. They all mean 'Gold'.

    Gold is very precious and stable metal. It has always increased in its value. Nothing can equal Gold's glitter.

    By naming girls with names meaning Gold, our tradition has proved that they consider women folk as the most valuable in a family, society and nation. They also signified that women are stable and add value to their family and society.
    It is ironical that the general propaganda about women is that they are weak, do not bring value and are flimsy. That is absolutely wrong. This stereotype has to be condemned and removed from among us.

    The idea of women in acquiring and storing gold jewellery is actually to add value and a stable saving and investment to be used as emergency provision. However the patriarchal society terms women as fancying for gold jewels. And they have created many trolls and jokes on that. Interestingly women simply laugh off these, because they have the last laugh. In many a house, the male folk depend on the jewels of womenfolk in their homes as a last resort of asset value and funding.

    While most other investments and assets had fallen in value Gold risk of being blamed about their vanity and madness for gold jewels. In India the house hold savings is the core savings and the major portion is the gold jewels by Indian women.
    So Indian women and Gold are truly inseparable pair and actually add value to the family and nation. Let us always take care of them and keep them shining.

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    It is the fact that Indian women take pride in adoring the gold and they like to have the best collection in their life and true to the best of their knowledge they select those designs which are not available with other and thus their display of gold ornaments and make fashion statements. And it is also known fact that in many homes the names of the girl child is referred as gold in many terms and names. And by that they on remembering the gold for ever and every year new additions are made. Even though the gold rates are increasing there is no dearth fo r the demand and even the poor wants to have the gold.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    This is really a very nice post and without any prejudice to the fellow women folks, I appreciate the propositions mentioned by the author. Comparing women with Gold is an assuring fact that shows that we are still living in the shade of our past glories where women were respected much. In our scriptures it is very clearly mentioned and emphatically narrated that wherever women are respected prosperity is bestowed there.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Traditionally in our society women wear Gold ornaments which make them look graceful and respectful and it has great ties with our religion also as we also offer Gold to our deities. From that perspective respecting and honouring women is embedded in our culture.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It's a unique post. Sir, your post made me feel happy about myself. I am personally not fond of any jewellery, although traditionally need to wear them. The glow of the gold ornaments has a glossy impact. In reality, it brightens the mood not only of the wearer but of the onlooker too. It serves as an asset for the future, and I also believe that women are the real assets of any family to have smooth sailing in life.

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    In our families, we feel that having a daughter in the house is like having Lakshmi in our house. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and her presence will make the family healthy and wealthy. That is why many of our families wanted to have at least one Girl-child in the family. In many Indian famiInvesting in ornaments for ladies is the tradition. Ladies never hesitate to sacrifice for the cause of the family. They are ready to offer their wealth for the needed purposes in the house. I know many middle-class families who take the gold loan for their necessities. That indicates that ladies never hesitate to take care of their family needs.
    Many ladies will have a passion for purchasing jewellery. We all feel that they are fascinated with wearing those items. But they have the desire that the money they have should not be wasted and there should stability to the economic condition of the family. That is why they want their husbands to invest in these items.

    always confident

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