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    Grand children are more dear to father side or mother side?

    After the marriage it is the pride factor for the father side parents that by giving birth to the son, their hereditary chain has been enhanced and the grand parents take pride of male children. Likewise the mother side parents also feel that a child to their girl is the blessing and they adore the young ones much. Thus the children are treated lean towards the mother side because the relations, the daily interaction and even visiting happens often with mother side parents, whereas the father side parents need to wait for the grand children to arrive during occasions only.
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    In our culture and to that matter in many cultures round the world a girl stays with the boy and its family. It is an age old tradition and the children who are born out of this marriage are more attached or engaged to the grandparents here only though occasionally they will see and meet their grandparents to mother's side also. In some cases reverse happens and they are more dear to the mother's side if they had an opportunity to dwell there for quite some time due to certain circumstances in the family like the male member is working outside and is not able to take care and his parents are also not capable to do so. There are some conditions when the role reversal takes place.
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    In our society, it was a practice that the female will be coming with her male counterpart to his and staying with him. When the combined family culture was there the girl is staying with his husband and his other family members. So their children will also stay with their grandparents from the father side. Same is the case with both the girl child and the boy child. So they will have more attachment to words their father's mother and father. Once in a while the lady will be visiting her parents and children also go with her. So the attachment with mother's parents.
    But these days there are no combined families and wife, husband and their children are their families. No grandparent is staying with them. So there may not be much difference. Who visit them frequently and whom they visit frequently will decide the attachment of the grandchildren with their grandparents.
    Another factor is the nature of the grandparents. Some grandparents may not be sparing much time for spending with their grandchildren. In such a case, grandchildren can't get the required attachment with their grandparents.

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