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    Girls need protection not worship.

    The Government of Madhya Pradesh has announced that now every government program to be held in the state will be started with the worship of girls. All the department heads and officers have been ordered to follow this rule. But will the worship of girls get them the respect and protection in society?

    The pace of social reform is so slow that the results are not clearly visible. Until the equal participation of women in every section of society is ensured, the mentality of the people in the society does not change, they do not get respect from every part of the society, they do not become educated, safe and protected in every way, till then our freedom will be considered incomplete.

    If we cannot honour a woman on a common day, cannot stand with her for her safety, cannot raise her voice for equal rights and build a society for her to live, where, at any time, under any circumstances, she can go out without any fear, why this show off?
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    QThe author seems to be angry with politicians and she must have valid reasons for her objection on 'girls worshipping ' proposal of Madhya Pradesh government. In reality, girls are still not given equal rights and equal importance as boys are given. Theoretically, this patriarchal society has given equal rights to women but practically, women are still neglected almost in all sections of our society. Laws can't change social scenario until mindset of people is changed. I agree with the author that girls don't need worshipping, rather , they need to be respected.

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    100% I am in agreement with the author. In some tribes, there is a tradition that they will offer a goat to the village Goddess and before offering a goat they worship the goat also. I fail to understand what is the use of worshipping the goat before you kill it. This decision of MP government is also like this. The government is not able to provide security to a girl in society. In such a case what is the use of worshipping her?
    Instead of worshipping her, respect her, provider her safety and security in society. Please bring in the required reforms so that a girl can move happily on the roads even in midnight also. See that they will also have equal rights. That is the real tribute you can give them. Instead of that worshipping them today and harassing them tomorrow is not good on the part of this society.

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    I would want all including girls to stop playing the victim card and more specifically about why to bother of who says what?

    And I don't get when the author mentions,
    "If we cannot honour a woman on a common day, cannot stand with her for her safety, cannot raise her voice for equal rights and build a society for her to live, where, at any time, under any circumstances, she can go out without any fear"

    Who has stopped you?

    Stop blaming others and stand-up for your own cause. The society tend to exploit anyone who is weak, and this exploitation is not limited to any particular sex.

    And these are the politicians and therefore why to be serious about them? But more appropriately I don't blame the politicians either because they are after us only and only when we change our votes on development factors these would not going to change.

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    What the govt wants to bring to the notice of all that the girl child must be respected and thus a prayer must be held before staring any program. Good that MP govt want to create more space and chance for the girl child to develop and with this move there cannot be ill treatment to the girl child. Girl children are dear to the father and every girl child takes care of her father. When the govt heads start praying the girl child. the father affection from the department heads ensure that justice is done in all respects towards the problems and challenges faced by the girl child. When in these days, the girl child who are suppose to born to the new couples are being abortion initiated as the first child wants to be the male child. So this concept of respecting the girl child goes a long way to support from all sides.
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    The condition of women or girls is gradually improving in the society as more stringent rules are being framed and there is good awareness in people regarding respecting them. There is always a demand by the opposition as well as society in this matter from the Govt and then Govt devises some scheme from which it apparently reflected that Govt is serious about the issue and want to remove the disparity to them and bring them at par with their male counterparts. So this worship thing is the culmination of those thoughts only and leaders take shelter of these things often and we have seen in history such measures taken by the regimes time to time to impress public that they are bothered for the issue and till the time it is resolved people can have some interim activity like worshipping etc. There are consultants, advisors, and experienced people in the Govt who remain there for 30-35 years and see many politicians coming and going every five years and know everything in detail and suggest such measures to the leaders.
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    I agree with it. Worshipping girls alone cannot control the crimes against them. We need to enforce strict laws for the crime against the females so that people may fear doing anything like that. We need to change the mentality of the people and teach them about the gender equality. Still there are people in the society who have the mentality that they should have son to continue their family and they get abort the female child in the womb of a mother.

    We need to change the mentality of the people who think that girls are just meant to perform household works and take care of the kids at home. People should understand that girls should also be given the opportunity to study like males.


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