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    Never exhibit a "holier than thou" attitude

    Among some of the most negative human behaviour is the one that is called the "holier than thou" attitude. It is simple. I make a mistake. Someone else in the same department also makes a bigger mistake but when confronted, I try to make out a case that he had done a worse mistake than me.

    It is wise, for example, to never poke one's nose into the personal affairs of another colleague. When we start a gossip game, someone else will blow it up. When it reaches serious proportions it can hit us hard. The best alternative is to be totally aloof and stay far above such nasty games. Similarly, when we are absolutely honest about use of company money, this "hoiler than thou" game will not even be applicable.

    Such examples abound. It is wise to stay clear of any controversy. Sincerity, honesty and integrity is always appreciated. Let us make a note of this at any point in time.
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    It's normal attitude of people that their mistakes are not so serious as of others but some people are taken as infallible. Can you imagine it that some people never commit any mistake? It's a fact what we observe around us is that infallibility has been fixed as a permanent t feature for some people. They neither accept their mistake not like to be pointed out.
    You keep on screaming that nobody is free from committing mistakes but who listen to you or who care about your questioning type things.

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    True. We see many such people. Many people will always feel that What mistake they have committed is negligible when we compare with the mistake committed by the other person. In the first place, why should I commit a mistake? Sometimes it may happen and can be understood. Accept that mistake, correct yourselves and never repeat that mistake. That is the correct approach.
    Why should we defend our action, when it is a mistake. In many corporates, I see this attitude. Many people try to highlight the mistakes of others and in that process, they will try to hide their mistakes as if it is a very small mistake.
    It is always better to be non-controversial in the organisation. Doing our job and conducting ourselves on the right path is the best way when we work in an organisation.

    always confident

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    True. It often happens that if a person makes a mistake himself, he forgives himself quickly and forgets that mistake, but if someone else has made a mistake, the first one will not forgive him easily and at the same time will make his mistake very big. Especially if the person making the mistake is younger than you in age or position, then his mistake will seem so big that it can no longer be rectified. When we get forgiveness for our mistake, it means we have got another chance to work on ourselves again and prove ourselves right. Because until other people forgive us, we will never be able to consider and correct our mistakes. In the same way, we too forgive the front one and give them a chance to work on themselves. Let them allow to rectify their mistakes.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Mistake is a mistake and we should be graceful enough to admit that and try to find out the solution to bail out from the challenging task. Mistakes happen to those who are the performers and during the course of their work omissions and errors occurs and that gives the big impetus to learn from the mistakes. And there is no thrill if the mistakes are not committed at the work place. Serious routine works, with no scope for new learning becomes bore and sulking, but when we venture out to explore new work in the same office, we tend to learn thanks to glaring mistakes and the actions thereof.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true that these things create controversies and the wise people generally keep themselves away from these turmoils as they do not have time to waste in such indulgences. In the society many times there are occasions when people try to save themselves behind the bigger mistakes of others and it works practically to quite a good extent. It is a management tool in their hands which they use without having any management degree. The immortal formula - worse is better than worst - is applicable in many cases in practice and people take its advantage in many situations.
    Knowledge is power.

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