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    Importance of the heart and hearth in life

    The heart is a vital organ of the human body. It is impossible for us to survive in life without it. This organ provides the oxygen and nutrients that our body needs to survive. Moreover, It removes waste from our body. No doubt, human heart is one of the most important organ God placed within our bodies. It is found at the centre of circulatory bodies. According to Bible, The heart is the centre not only of spiritual activity, but of all the operation of human life. The heart shape is recognized as a symbol of love and affection.
    LIkewise, hearth also play important role in life. A hearth is the synonym of fire place. It is the floor of a fireplace or to the area adjacent- made of stone or brick and often extending out into the room known as hearth. For centuries, the hearth has been integral part of a home. Usually, it is created to serve a purpose rather than strictly as decoration. It is same as heart, found at the centre of the home. It provides warmth and light, food and protection. It is one of the key focal point in the room. Its main purpose is to create a layer of protection. It is also used by people as a place to set their fireplace tools and ash buckets. In winter season, its importance is much more because of cool weather. This is my entry for the Forum Thread challenge contest
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    The heart is a muscular organ. It pumps blood continuously to all the parts of the body. It will have four chambers. They are called the right and left atrium and the right and left ventricle. If the heart is not doing its duty properly the whole will collapse. That is why the moment heart stops we are no more. So we are here as long as our heart works.
    A hearth is an area before the fireplace. This area is the source of heat in the house and the place is used for cooking food. In winter the family members will gather around this place to enjoy the heat. This place is very important in almost all houses.
    Even though the hearth is important we can manage some time without this hearth but without heart functioning, we are no more. A good post from the author comparing the heart and hearth.

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    The heart is not merely a blood pumping machine or an organ of our body,it's a storage and generator of our emotions, sensation, love, affection, hatred, grudge, meanness, goodness and all such feelings. It keeps us touching with people in emotional bonds.
    As far as hearth (fire-place) is concerned generally, it has lost its place. It used to be the part in old age homes. Generally, people used to have drink by hearth or would share their moments of enjoyments with friends by sitting near hearth or would sit all family around it in winter. But now the time has changed latest technology has utterly eliminated its existence as an integral part of our homes.

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    The author has very well described the relationship between heart and hearth. While the heart is an important part of the body on the one hand, in the same way, hearth plays an important role in homes, especially in places where the temperature is relatively low. By the way, the heart is also related to the temperature because the doctors also advise that the temperature decreases in the cold season, which causes the blood vessels to shrink. In this case, blood circulation in the body is blocked. This reduces the amount of oxygen to the heart, which means that the heart has to do extra labor to deliver blood and oxygen to the body. For this reason, the risk of heart failure patients increases during the cold season. With the lifestyle change, it can get better, due to which the life of patients with heart failure can be greatly improved. These days cold is in its flow and at this time we understand the importance of both.
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    Very well presented post about the two dissimilar things which have so much in common. Heart is crucial for the human body and hearth is the central entity in a house and source of warmth and energy. The members in a family identify hearth a place for common rendezvous where family members can leisurely sit and talk and involve in activities which are common in nature. So, from that angle it is an important location in the house.
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