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    Why Organic food is not a slogan by any Govt?

    Since last 10-15 year I have heard from my father and his age level person that they are fit because they were eating proper organic food, as now days we are eating mostly the pesticides added food, which causing different disease and weaken body.
    if they can understand then why not Govt officials, administration and Political people make it compulsory of Organic food only.
    Not a single state Govt or Central Govt talking about this.
    If any private party investing they are not able to succeeds some time due to less harvesting and higher production cost.

    I request all members to put some light and pros and cons about this discussion.
    Whether it is actually possible or not?
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    Today we are producing various crops with the help of chemical fertilisers and also we are using pesticides for killing the various organism which harm the crop. These pesticides are harmful for us as they enter our body through the food cycle. Now let us understand what the organic foods are. We know that if we produce crop using natural manure like cow dung and plant wastes then it would not have the harmful effects on the humans and that is the organic material that many people are opting for nowadays. But the main problem in this is cost. The crop yield is less in organic mode and that makes it costlier than the normal items. So, Govt can appreciate it but people would not buy the costly organic food items except the upper class people.
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    With the progress of time, the old process of cow dung and other natural manures have been replaced by the chemical fertiliser and pesticides only due to the fact the cost of later is much cheaper than the former one. Apart from cost angle, it can augment production of crops to a huge level making such usage as the profitable one. Pesticides are added to take care of insects and other parasites which affect the crops. However, these pesticides enter our body system along with the consumption of such produce. It is only the process of deriving maximum profit by resorting to chemical fertiliser and pesticides. Moreover, customers are tuned to use such products. Organic foods are definitely healthier but the cost is prohibitive.

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    The population of the country is increasing. The land for cultivation is getting reduced due to construction of houses for the people to live in. As the population is increasing the requirement for food is increasing. So the production of the products should be improved. The production should be more per unit as the units of earth available for cultivation are decreasing. Because of this issue, people started using more fertilisers for more productions.
    Natural fertilisers like Cow dung and other wastes can be used. But yields from the land will be less when we use these fertilizers or no fertilisers. When the product is in short supply the price will increase. So for a common man, it will be very difficult to have these items. Because of these reasons only I think no government is forcing the farmers to go for organic farming.
    Slowly the organic farming concept is getting importance and many people are going for organic foods. But how much organic these organic foods are, is an important question.

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    Organic foods are necessary to maintain human health, soil, and the environment. Organic farming will not only increase the availability of high quality, healthy, and nutritious foods but will also help in reducing the cost of production in farming. Along with improving soil fertility, the income of farmers will also increase. Apart from the above, organic farming is being promoted by adopting eco-friendly low-cost technologies using traditional resources to implement this scheme. Organic grains, pulses, spices, vegetables, and fruits are becoming increasingly popular in today's cities. We are encouraging the possibilities further. But the success of organic farming depends on the soil type of the farm and its fertility.
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    I agree with the author that we need organic food as our forefathers used to have but the problem is that population is increasing day by day and land for cultivation is limited. So we need hybrid seeds, pesticides and all the latest technology for having glut of grains and other edible items to provide food which is the basic need to survive. The latest ways of cultivation not only improve the growth of crops but also profit for farmers and other related people. But too much use of chemicals is harming our health,especially, children and new generation is likely to be exposed to all deadly diseases because of lacking in imimmunity.

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