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    Instead of giving freebies why not education cannot be given free to the youngsters?

    For vote bank politics the government that is in power announce freebies to the poor people as I have a question to them to uplift the poor people why can't government can give a free education at least up to school level so that the child will get educated and will be useful for the nation? Do you think giving an education will give a long term good result than short term freebies? Why the governments and political parties are not announcing free education at the state level or central level to their citizens?
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    Government is giving free education up to high school studies. The fees what we are paying for government schools are very less and many poor people are getting exemption also. The government is spending a lot of money on education. But due to poor quality of education in government institutes parents are sending their wards to private institutes for studies.
    Giving freebies in many ways is never a good policy. These freebies will make people lazy. Productivity will come down. I agree with the author in this aspect. There should not be many freebies. The government should show a way to earn their livelihood to people. But should not give free meals. How long and to how many people the government can supply these freebies.
    Free education, loans for the needy to promote business and entrepreneurs is a good policy. That will make people understand the need for earning.

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    Agree with the author. It is the first responsibility of the Central and State Governments to provide facilities like education, health, etc. at low cost but both the Central and State Governments have failed miserably in fulfilling this responsibility. Like government hospitals, the condition of government schools is also deplorable, and there is a lack of basic facilities like clean water, toilets, and constant electricity. Many schools do not have tots, blackboards for children to sit in, and chairs and tables for teachers. There is also a shortage of teachers and other staff in schools. When there is darkness in the schools, then how can the students studying there get the light of knowledge.
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    Free education and free health facilities are given by governments but neither the schools nor hospitals are sincerely providing free service to people as per the policies of the governments. If you go to government hospitals, medical facilities are hardly available. Medicnes are sold to chemists. In government schools teachers do formalities instead of teaching children with dedication. In this regard I would appreciate Delhi government which gave proper training to their teachers and also uplifted the level of education. Now results of government schools is much better than best private schools in Delhi.

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    What I feel that there is a ulterior motives behind the present leaders that if they churn out good and educated leaders now, then their own existence would be in peril so they have given the go for one such education policy which gives free education to certain level and then one has to mend the ways on their own. The uneducated politicians who are guided and helped by the IAS officers sometimes does not like the suggestions and proposals from them as they feel the educated lot is bossing over them who are elected and not selected. Many a time there were tiff between the administration and the executive and thus the problem of giving good education to the citizens were deliberately put on hold for obvious reasons. But each one of us can teach the other and though they may not get the certificate of merit but knowledge transfer do takes place.
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    The modus operandi of many politicians is not as simple as we comprehend. They do certain things for general public but that does not give them any advantage as we take it as their job or duties. Then, they do some other things for targeted groups for their vote bank politics and other such ambitious motives. In politics, in general, the main thrust is on some motives and not on principles. If distribution of freebies satisfies that purpose, they will do that. Please note that politicians do not have certain words like 'instead' or 'in place of' or 'replace' in their dictionaries which many educated and learned people in our country have with them. So the difference in actions is expected and would definitely be so much conspicuous.
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    Distributing freebies is the criminal wastage of national resources. We have to provide electricity, water, and sewage facilities to the poor people but what is the point in distributing freebies. Do we want to make a large population of our country as lazy and inactive?
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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