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    Kisan Mall - An initiative by the people

    Farmers protest against agricultural laws has been going on for almost a month. As we know farmers are on the border of Delhi, many people are coming forward to help the farmers. To overcome the problems of farmers, Kisan Mall has been built. From needle threads to blankets and quilts in the mall, farmers are being provided free of cost. The Kisan Mall has now opened on the dharna site to provide the necessary goods to the farmers who have been agitating in other parts of the country, including the Tikri Border, for the last nearly 29 days to repeal the agricultural laws. In this mall, farmers will be able to get free necessities instead of paying money.

    It is a good initiative by the people, once again showing a glimpse of humanity and kindness. But still, there is a question in my mind whether it is really a step taken for the benefit of the farmers or there is someone's selfishness hidden behind it.

    Members, please share your opinion.
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    Punjab has rich, very rich, extra rich and ultra rich farmers. Therefore the rich can join together and can afford to build any number of free malls to serve the farmers freely. They all live in cooperation. Also foreign money flows in, to help them. You cannot find such things in any other state. Because the farmers from other states are really poor and cannot afford freebies.
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    We the Indians are very near and dear to the woes of farmers because those are the hands which feed us and we need to take care of them when they need us the most. But the present stir seems to be closing in as the govt has already extended offer to discuss all the problems which were the cause for the protest and thus sooner there would be solution in sight. The concept of Kissan mall which is the imitative of the people do testify that people supporting the farmers cause and thus this reach out. Nevertheless the Modi govt should put full stop to the on going strike by the farmers and agree to all their demands. If the farmers are happy we would get the food and if they are unhappy then India has to starve in the hands of their prolonging stir. So before the new year the talks should be conclusive to start the new beginning of new farm produce.
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    Recently I have seen in an editorial of a newspaper that of all the farmers of the different states of India, Punjab farmers on average earn a monthly income of Rs.18000. If you compare with any government general employee who earns more than Rs.50,000 per month how rich the Punjab farmer is and you can imagine the plight of the very poor farmers of the other states. If the government promises a minimum price for their produce orally and why the government is fearing it to make it a law? Farmer's main demand is to make a law for MSP instead of telling it orally.

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    Farmers who are spending their day and nights in this cold season could be a shivering experience for us who are peacefully sleeping in homes. Whoever is/are helping them with freebies is a praiseworthy act. Farmers are protesting and demanding to repeal these three laws. They have a clear cut offer to have a negotiation with the government but they are stressing on this issue that the meeting should be held in close doors. First, these laws should be repealed and both parties should discuss the other three laws in that meeting and meeting should not come to an end until new better laws are finalised amicably. They are offering to spend ten days or fifteen days to continue this meeting so that agreed-upon laws can be reframed.

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    If government repeals all the three laws, it would be a precedence set. If done, in future, government won't be able to pass any law that will be objected and this repeal of farm laws will be quoted even if the bill is well justified. They should sit together in a closed door or in open, read point by point, discuss, delete, edit or add sentences recommended and agreed.

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    A good initiative indeed for the people of all ages, old, young and children, braving the winter cold and agitating for the repeal of the Farm Laws. Such agitation cannot be sustained by the instigation of others.
    The reforms in India started way back in the nineties. The country progressed economically as can be seen by all of us. Where have all these benefits gone? Have they reached the targeted sections of society? The answer is a big no. The gap between the rich and poor is widening. The inequality of wealth distribution in our country is very large. A very small section holds more than 50% of the wealth. These reforms in the agricultural sector seem to benefit more private players than farmers. The Government should suspend these laws and have a fresh dialogue with all the stakeholders.

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    @SuN: Both sides have chosen Hobson's choice for each other where we have no amicable solution and this continue deadlock is changing into a dead-end. How it will be reshaped in future, analysts are of different opinions:
    a: If protest continues, will die on its own.
    b: It will be fizzled out because of factional differences
    c: It will be crushed by force
    d: The government is on wait and watch
    e: It will go violent
    f: Bloodshed is imminent as the ramification
    g: It will create a big threat for the government
    h: The government will succumb to their demands

    Let us see what happens in the coming days. I wish to see it come to end peacefully and amicably be settled.

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    Many are talking about the private players. Private players can make the farmers rich by avoiding the middlemen's involvement. No one understands this. Private players give more employment opportunities to many jobless Indians. The employees of private firms/companies are far more in number than government employees. The government cannot provide employment to all, but the private sector provides employment to them.

    It is not the farmers' cry, but the middlemen cry with the support of opposition parties against the farm laws that would wipe out the middlemen who sit and earn a lot and keep the farmers who work 24x7 below the poverty line. Yet the government gives options to the farmers to use the middlemen.

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    This agitation is a provoked one and not a genuine one and this we can say because we have seen these things happening in this country for last 73 years. If you have money power you can create any scene anywhere. Suppose, let me put up a simple proposition, Govt does an online secured encrypted poll based on the Aadhaar number of the farmers, to know who likes it and who do not, then I am sure the result will be much disappointing to these trouble makers. Opposition is not able to remain outside of the power and are desperate to come back. Only God can help this country.
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    Please do not start discussions all over again about rich and poor farmers, the laws, etc. There have already been discussions on this and an ongoing thread related to it as well. This particular thread is only about the Kisan Mall and its authenticity; nothing else should be discussed.
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    I do not see any selfish motives here. It is a typical mindset when somebody does something good to wonder what is the selfish motive behind it. I agree with KVRR that this initiative cannot be instigated by others. It is a genuine one that arose spontaneously to help the protesting farmers. I also read about free turbans and meals being provided to all, irrespective of faith. I applaud the kindhearted initiative.
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    I agree with the comment of Mr. Umesh that only God can help this country. The way things are going on in the country, God alone can help.
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    For anything and everything, we need money. Certainly, only a money rich community can organize such things. This mall set up is one such thing in an area where money flows like a river in a state of five rivers. However, I appreciate the farmers of that land for their cooperation and coordination to fight together.
    If one rich can take care of one poor farmer, that would suffice.

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    Different people have different perceptions about this agitation and what we think and what other think may not be correct also. That is only a viewpoint based on ones experience. Only the investigative agencies can find out truth behind these agitations. As regards the help and support to the farmers agitating in the winter in open, definitely the help provided deserves accolades and there is no denying praising that.
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    What I read is, this Kisan Mall is started by Khalsa Aid, an international NGO. They are distributing the tokens to the agitating farmers and they can come to the mall and can collect their requirements. A good help for the farmers who are fighting for some causes. But the funds can come to this NGO from other countries also and why those countries are giving for this. That is the only point one has to think. Definitely a good initiative. But time only will tell us what are the intentions of this NGO and other people helping the farmers. Hope the talks between the government and farmers will bring a happy end to this agitation.
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    I must say that this is a luxury protest. The protestors are enjoying their life with all the amenities. It is like a picnic spot with good eats, special eats like badam, pista, kaju, special massaging facilities, special clothing, etc. Rightly said by Dr. Rao that foreign fund is flowing into the protest area from international NGO. The motive behind this protest is to defame BJP by the vested powers.
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    The farmer's agitation is intensifying day by day and many affluent and rich people and big groups worldwide are supporting it due to the reasons only known to them. So if this goes like that then Govt will have to find out some solution. One thing which is not in good taste in this agitation is that there are some slogans and statements made by some of the leaders there which are no way related to farmers and in fact hurt our national sentiments. I strongly feel that the agitators should not deviate from their main agenda of protecting farmers interest and anything spoken against the nation or likewise will not be tolerated by any Govt and if Govt takes some punitive action against such defaulters then these defaulters should understand very clearly that public of India will not support these defaulters.
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    "Khalsa Aid" is an international NGO. The aim of this NGO is provide aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones in the world. They follow the Sikh principle of "Recognise the whole human race as one". The Khalsa Aid is providing daily requirements to the agitating farmers. They claim that their organisation is for all and not limited to Sikhs. The Government will look after if there is any agenda for such a help.
    Terming this agitation as a luxury protest is far from truth. These agitators are braving the winter cold in Delhi and it is not a luxury. Some people died because of cold. and other problems. These people are helped and provided facilities by many people. This is a humanitarian consideration. Now that talks begin from 29th, hope some solution will be found to end this agitation.

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    I watched a video of Online news India which shot the entire Kisan Mall. They have all necessary items for protestors free of cost, like tooth paste, tooth brush, hair oil, combs, towels, detergent powder, soap, shawls, sweaters,blankets under garments, warm clothes etc

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    Such a large scale agitation cannot survive if some people do not support to it financially and materially. How these people are connected to this agitation, we do not know and we can simply assume that they are doing it on a humanitarian ground. It is only our assumption and truth can be anything. It is alright and helping others on humanitarian grounds is not an illegal thing. It is also clear that talks take time and the agitation can go for a long time. Sometimes these agitations turn in stalemate due to ego points also for the parties who are involved in it and then they do not compromise for a long time. Govt will also not budge so easily until the agitators agree to some of the conditions of the new law. Stubbornness and adamancy will only prolong the agitation. If the agitation is justifiable it will get public sympathy otherwise it will slowly lose its grip and fizzle out.
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    The Kerala pineapple farmers have sent 16000 tonnes of juicy pineapples to the agitating farmers according to "The Hindu" newspaper. This sweet gesture from them is in support of the farmer's agitation. The Delhi Government has already provided the necessary facilities to them. The Government should leave its ego and suspend the laws until a solution is found. The Supreme Court also suggested the Government to suspend the laws and allow a committee to be formed by the Supreme Court to negotiate. Some people have doubts about why Khalsa Aid and many others are helping the agitating farmers. It is just humanity.
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    A government cannot function like this. A law or bill is passed with the majority consent. If someone protest against the law and pressurise to roll back, in future, every Tom, Dick and Harrry would protest against any law that doesn't satisfy them and would insist a repeal. Only amendment is the right solution to change a bill which has already been passed. The farmers should not be adamant, but go with the government for a peaceful talk to end this crisis.

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    Let us discuss this in another thread. We have already diverted the real topic.
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