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    Common sense is the biggest sense

    It is said that there is a foolish corner even in the mind of the most intelligent person. Which literally means that even the knowledgeable and wise can do silly mistakes. If we go slightly deeper in this matter then we will find one important thing that people generally do mistakes because either they do not know about a particular thing or matter or they do not use the common sense in the right perspective.
    Common sense does not require high academic qualifications and degrees as it is based on the small observations and quick analysis made by alert people. Some people have a more pronounced common sense than others and their lives becomes easier in many respects. I admire people having good common sense who do not waste time in big theories and most of the time manage with it in their lives. What about you?
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    There was a famous scientist. Once he was to go to some other place. So he has to lock the lab and go. That scientist was having two cats. One is a big cat and the other is a small cat. So the scientist decided to make two holes in one corner of the lab so that the cats will go easily our and come back when they wanted. A big hole for the big cat and a small hole for the small cat. So he called a mason and asked him to make two holes. The mason asked, why two holes. The scientist answered the big one for the big cat and a small one for the small cat. Then the mason asked him why the small cat also can't use the big hole. This is the lack of common sense.
    One should have a little common sense to manage himself in this society. Otherwise, we will see many incidents like what I explained above.
    There is a saying in Telugu which means that a washerman is better than an educated man. This saying also tells us how much important is the common sense even more than education.

    always confident

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    I agree with the author how important common sense is. Common sense depends on observation, thinking and experience. It needs some time with calm mind. Anger is the enemy of common sense. It does not work when angers envelopes one's mind. The author is of opinion that even intelligent person can also miss to use common sense and Dr Rao has endorsed his statement by giving a very interesting story of a scientist.

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    Right and nice post from the author. Common sense is the biggest asset for any one that should be used wisely and those who are competent and having full control over their sense, they did behave wisely and achieved success in silence because those who are the regular achievers, for them being good to others and be the good citizen is the common goal and thus their every action is successful and they are being watched and applauded for their every actions and moves. And good common sense begins from the mothers lap and she would perfectly teach the intricacies of life and rest the self made goal of achieving the things through honest means has paved way for good life to live and appreciate. Common sense cannot be borrowed and it is also developed when we move with the peer groups.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Common sense also gives us guidance to act at the opportune time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is right. It is very important to have practical intelligence or common sense inside any person. When you are present in your present and talk about your experience etc. then your common sense will separate you from others. Therefore, knowledge is not only great, great is a common-sense by using which any person is able to use his knowledge correctly. In fact, when a person speaks or gives knowledge in harmony with the knowledge of the past and the circumstances of the present, then we will consider him as common sense.
    Swati Sharma

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    It is said that common sense is an inherited thing and depends on someone's quick response to an action. Some people have a very good degree of common sense and it reflects from their dealings and treatment of various things in life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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