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    What are the various innovations that happen but didn't reach the public yet?

    As we see the various innovations that happen in and around the world but somehow they haven't reached the public yet. It is because of many aspects, for example, a spectacle can see the smaller microscopic bodies or microorganism that is attached in different objects. Are any such innovations you have seen that is happened but didn't reach the public can you mention here. Why innovations happen but didn't reach the public? What is your take on it?
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    This post takes me to a news that appeared some years back that petrol has been found from some leaves and Ramar Pillai from Coimbatore who claimed that it is cheaper to make the fuel and even sought the patent . But he was cornered and hooted for having fooled the public and nothing like that was testified. However he came up again with the same news and this time the govt warned him to keep quiet. What does this mean that new innovations do happen and that is good for the mankind, but vested interest stop and stall the progress as their very interest would be in peril and that is the reason being so innovations remain in paper and does not reach the common people. When I was in Delhi during 1985 portable colour tv was available for just 1200 rupees but that was prevented by the big league companies who were in black and white technology.
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    An attempt is made to improve the current methods and circumstances through innovation. The main objective of the use of innovations is to bring the old system forward in the world-class competition so that our technological system can be known in the world as an ideal. New ideas, policies that will prove beneficial in the changing times, environment. Innovation is not just a new task, but innovation is a new way of doing anything. In such a situation, every innovation is not able to reach the public in complete detail, maybe some self-interest of the mean people and lack of public awareness could be responsible for this.

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    Innovations will take place in the laboratory on a small scale and then scaled up to the stage of mass usage. As soon as the innovation is made in the laboratory news will start coming in the media. But it will take some time to reach the public. Many innovations will vanish while scaling up and never reach the public.
    Electric vehicles are supposed to be the best for commuting which will avoid usage of petroleum fuels and will help the environment. Many models are made. But they are not still widely used in society. This is mainly due to the charging problem of the battery. Electrical vehicles are available but not fully explored by the public. So I feel this is an innovation which not yet fully reached the public.

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    There are many talented, knowledgeable, and qualified people who are doing innovations and some of these are commercialised also by the companies and reach us. Every innovation will not reach the consumers because of many reasons as commercialisation needs money and risk taking capacity. Many NGOs and innovative entrepreneurship organisations in our country and across the world are doing innovations and then are searching for some business house for commercialising it. So, it is a process or chain of actions and innovations do not happen in one day. There is some incubation period which is required for the innovation to reach at the declaration level. Those who want to have more information about these organisations and the innovations they have done or are doing can read about them in the internet in their respective sites. Some of the names of these organisations which I can suggest are - Inshorts, NestAway, CashKaro, Bolt, Urban Clap, Edukart, Social Alpha etc.
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    There are many talented people in our societies having enough appetite to undertake research in the different fields and they would like to show their own people how their new experiments can revolunise the way of living of the people. However to get it approved is a tedious process since he has to approach various departments and approval for his experiment would need some additional funds to satisfy the different bosses. In such a process, he may fail. Take the case of Raman Pillai claiming to produce fuel through some leaves but it did not materialise due to indifferent attitudes of the higher ups.
    Though you may be innovative but the end result may be disappointing if you lack the skill to please the different departments of the government.

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    Due to tough job conditions in the country many IITians or students from ace institutions are working in low paid jobs in innovative entrepreneurship groups and are doing a good work and some of them have become quite successful also. The big business houses and companies keep a watch on the products of these groups and many times benefited by it. In fact, some companies are funding the research work for innovation in some particular area so that if it clicks the company is well benefitted. There is a dynamic change in the business with time today as old technologies are being replaced by new ones and in such a situation new innovations have got their own merit.
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