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    Politically conscious citizens are important for the stability of a country

    Well, I feel that politically conscious people can herald a great development by choosing the right politicians to lead the country. If people are completely ignorant about the political process of a country they can cause damage to the country. Even if such people cast their votes those votes will not serve the purpose of a prosperous nation.

    People should be knowledgeable enough to understand the nuts and bolts of politics and political processes. They should also be aware of the different economic aspects that are responsible for the financial stability of a country. If not a deep insight into political and economic processes, people should at least know the basic things that shape the country.

    People should understand what is right and wrong for the country. Only politically conscious people knowing at least a little about the economic aspects can help bring stability in the country. They can choose better people to power who can handle any situation and bring prosperity instead of those politicians who are disappointing people with their weak decisions and putting the country at stake.
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    Nicely said by the author, we are not the heards who should be followed blindly a leader or the party. We have to gauge who is best among the contestants and what is the ability of the party he is representing. Because there are some leader who does not get the ticket with the main party, would seek the ticket from the rival party and even threaten contest against them as independent. So all these make the voters to decide on his own. Over the many years the senior citizens of the country are watching the behavior and attitude of the politicians and they would shy away from voting those person who are the waste and does nothing. The educated lot can only gauge the right candidate and the right party and if they extend the support any party can win the elections hands down. But again guts and ability matter,
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    I agree with the author that people should be politically conscious. They must know whom they have to elect as their representative in Parliament and assembly but number of such people is quite less. Our social system is as such that most of the people see which party a candidate belongs to. If the candidate is contesting the election on the ticket of their favourable party they will vote for him. They also observe what is the caste and religion of the candidate before casting their vote. This is very true reality of social system.
    Generally, people are carried away by emotional issues raised by different political parties. They don't think who should be their right candidate.
    Propaganda plays a very significant role in elections and most of us are impressed by propaganda of political parties. Now, in this age election process requires huge amount to invest and when the candidate wins the election, he recovers all his money easily.

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    In a democratic country like India, the vote is the only weapon a common man is having in his hands. The weapon should be used properly. If the person holding a weapon don't know how to use it, he can create havoc. Same is the case with this vote also.
    A voter should understand the value of the vote and use it correctly. They should evaluate each candidate who is contesting and decided who will be the best among the contesting candidates and vote for him. To do this one should have some minimum knowledge of politics also.
    Unfortunately, in India, many people will be happy with a note and a bottle and a packet of food and they vote for the candidate who will arrange them for that day. So I am of the opinion that in addition to age some other criteria is also to be thought to give voting eligibility to citizens of India.

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    It is well elaborated by the author that the citizens of a country should be politically conscious and then only there are chances that country would progress. When we say that they should be politically conscious then it means that no one should be able to mislead or cheat them just with sweet worlds or some freebies. Unfortunately in our country only a few individuals are politically conscious and the majority of people are of herd mentality and just follow the local leaders. I remember one incident when in an open meeting of an employee union the leaders wanted to take a decision and had called the members for a general body meeting. In that meeting a politically conscious person raised a point which was valid but it created problem for the leaders and then they started to argue and misbehave with him and practically forced him to go out and then got their agenda along with their selfish motive approved by the members present in the hall.
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