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    Why freebie election campaigns of political parties be banned in Indian elections?

    In India, it is common that all political parties without any exception are announcing freebies if they got elected to power. Many of the poor sections of people get attracted to these political parties and voting them according to the level of their promises. After winning some of the political parties spending crores of rupees on the promises they made in the elections and leaving aside the development aspect of the state, panchayat, or the country. Some political parties are cheating the voters and simply forgetting what they promised to the voters. Recently we are seeing a trend that BJP party before the announcement of elections to a state, they are announcing a big package to the state and after that announcing various freebies like any other regional parties. More than all elections at one time, these freebies are weakening our democratic process and the development of a state or all sections of people. In such a situation the Indian government to ban the announcement of freebies in all kinds of elections to help equal development of a state or country?
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    In the run up to the elections there used to be promise of development or on any issues which were pending since many years. But over the past few years the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu has started the freebies campaign by announcing the cycle. sewing machines. laptops , pressure cookers etc. Even saris are distributed for free during the Sankranthi festivities and thus the people across the country also feels that they should get something in return for having voted and thus many national parties are now duty bound to announce larges before the elections and that promises is kept to keep the mouth shut for the whole of the terms. In fact the people are being bribed through the freebies and that is bad habit because the voters are diverted to their fold irrespective of their liking of the candidate or not.
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    It's quite amusing to read that freebies should be banned and the author has clearly blaming BJP for announcing freebies in elections and after the elections it forgets all promises and interesting thing is that the author is demanding the same BJP government to ban it. Isn't it interesting?
    Announcing freebies is not wrong, only fulfilling the promise should legally be protected. If anybody or any party promise in elections and don't fulfill their promise it should legally be challenged in the court. Then no party will announce false promises. BJP has fulfilled some of its promises mentioned in its election-manifesto like abrogation of article 370 from J&K, Ram temple etc. If BJP is really a bad party then why people are voting for it?

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    Many promises will be made but how many of them are fulfilled? This is more important. Many parties during election campaigns make many promises. They show heaven in our palm. Many of the voters also know that many of these promises are made just for the elections and after that, they will forget.
    As long as the voter never know the importance of the vote, the politicians will somehow try to attract the voters. Promising these freebies is one such attempt. If one party says I will see that the country will develop and the other says that he will give freebies, the voter should vote for the person who talks about development. But they never do that. They vote for the candidate who is promising freebies. Having known this all parties are going for such things only. So the change should start from the voters but not from the parties.
    Even Congress party is also offering many freebies to the voters during elections. All parties are doing the same. We need not single out a party.

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    Here the thing is political parties announcing a large number of freebies, that the state or country's economy won't permit or fulfill in their governance. For example, the present YSRCP government of AP announced a lot of freebies to the poor in the elections which they won. In order to fulfill them, they are making thousands of crores as loans from lending banks or agencies. They are trying to sell government properties in order to run the government. AP is the only state that took a lot of loans in this financial year than any other state or any other time by AP. This leads to an overage of a lot of debts on every individual of the state. All these gimmicks are for the party to remain in power for more terms. As AP is a newly formed state it needs a lot of funds for its economic development. But the present government spending crores of rupees on freebies by taking loans and how the new state develops its new capital. If political parties make freebies for their survival no actual development of state or country ever occur.

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    Actually the political parties should only give an agenda of progressive points and should not mention any freebies and if they mention such things in their election manifest then the election commissioner can take an action on this point at that level itself. Other thing is that these political leaders are generally use these techniques to woo the voters and voters also get trapped in this honeytrap. So it is something like made for each other and a knowledgeable citizen gets baffled with this nexus. What we require today is the honesty of the purpose and until that comes in our political system we all will be suffering these mental agonies.
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