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    New year, new hopes , much expectations

    For the entire world and people across the country the year 2020 proved to be most worst and filled with loss and despair. Many lost their near and dear ones and many of us still cut off from the relatives and friend for obvious reasons. The total living conditions of the people changed, there is austerity in every moves, and people came to know the importance of savings for future and thus many things learned and peace has been lost, and at least there is huge hope and expectations from the new year to change the lives of all. Lets come closer to help one another.
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    This has been a difficult year especially for those who lost their near and dears and also those who lost their jobs and are in a fix as what to do now in this worsening job market. Companies are reducing the manpower as their production activities are subdued. Some business houses having aggressive business strategies are replacing humans by machines to take advantage of both the worlds. That is going to make the job situation more grim and from that perspective the coming times are also not having a silver lining in the clouds. I have no intention to create fear or panic but what we have seen in the past one year is giving a very negative picture of what is stored there for us in future. It is imperative that under such a grim and dull situation we must abide to basic safety rules to contain this virus threat and understand the importance of keeping precautions if we are at all interested to save the humanity from this evil force.
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    Life is nothing but hope. Hope keeps us alive and strive hard to succeed in life. The year 2020 is a difficult year but it taught us very good lessons. It made us to know that we, the human beings are occupying the space which we should be sharing with other living organic creatures. It stopped us and made to think of many things which would have overlooked. It gave us all a much needed break to introspect. What more we need to keep us going strong in future years?
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    Kudos to every citizen who have taken this year a challenge and did not lose hopes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    2020 has been a fatal year for the people around the world, especially, pandemic affected all and sundry on a larger scale. Millions of people lost their jobs, thousands of migrants revived the old history of Marco polo while taking their journey on street as pedestrians, commotion in political arena occurred, several serious issues the country faced etc.
    I hope 2021 will bring bright days for the country. The economy will go up. Indians will have better opportunities for employment and progress.

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    The authors are right, the year 2020 has brought many bad memories for all but at the same time, some of us got some happy moments with our family during the lockdown. An epidemic rocked the world this year. 2020 is now at its last stop, everyone is ready to say goodbye to it and hope that everyone's life is as happy and healthy as ever again in the coming new year. We all have made some resolutions for the new year. But can we really complete that New year resolution, well, that's good .. try to fulfill whatever resolve you have taken and be successful in it. The new year is a new beginning of our life. From the new year, we can change our life in whatever way we want. You can give up your bad habits. A new good habit can be started. You can determine the Most Important Goal for your life and make the coming year a successful Year.

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    2020 has left a very bitter taste throughout the globe and India is no exception to it. It has touched almost all the phases but of all, it has taken the lives of so many people because of its deadly attack on the people unexpectedly. Many families have seen such worst tragedies and their woes are beyond their narrations. The other phase equally disasterous was the massive retrenchment of the working people in many sectors such as IT, Schools and other industries due to the poor demand and the employers were forced to curtail man power. These classes of people have merged with the classes already unemployed. The kids are no better at their homes since they are forced to join online classes though they don't find any interest in such modes. Teachers too are the most sufferer due to their heavy cuts of their salaries. In some schools, they have been shown doors by the management to contain their expenditure.
    To sum up, overall scenario was quite disappointing in the current year and hope the situation would improve slowly in the next year with the availability of the corona vaccine.

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    2020 a bitter year for many. As many of the people lost their jobs and their living has become very difficult. People who earn their requirement on daily basis tasted a very bitter pill this year. So everybody is trying to make a farewell to this year at the earliest and looking for the end of the year. The new year is coming. All are hoping that their life will become much better in the new year. Meeting the people and spending time together is also become a rare experience this year. All are confined to the four walls for a major time during this year. So all are awaiting a new year where they can get back to their normal living.
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    Yes this year had been the worst for the people. Unfortunately many of the people lost their job and had ro struggle financially. In many of the organisations salary had been cut as there was no business during the lock down. I was fortunate that I was paid fully even in the lockdown time but have seen lots of people struggling. I had helped lots of people at that time like the maids I also paid them fully even though they didn't work during that time.

    This is what we need to understand that we should come forward and help people in such a difficult time as of now also there are many people who are jobless and struggling for their basic needs.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    New year is on the anvil but we are entering in it with caution and care. The year going to end soon was a big setback in the human history and its shadow is still lingering with the new year with all its evil pangs. We are hopeful for a brighter tomorrow and future but that will be only there if we all collectively fight with this pandemic by taking all the possible precautions and advise our friends and relatives to adhere to them. We have to take it seriously.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    2020 is to be recorded in the world history as the worst year that the the world has faced.. I hope 2021 will be better and make good all the losses we had in 2020.
    Such a following like 2020 > 2021 would happen only after 100 years 2120 >2121 that we may not witness.

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