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    Should the beginners learn on their own or from the feeds?

    Beginning a new work is the great challenge as we do not know the rules, regulations, the set principles and above all the process that gets into from beginning to the end results. Though the beginners are trained and taught by the seniors, the real take lies on the self as to how fast the things are grasped and made into self achievement of the work depends on the interest, know how and even cooperation from the down staff. What do you feel, Should the beginners learn on their own or from the feeds? And what would be the case if the seniors are indifferent.
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    Self-starters have their own characteristics which can't be underestimate in any conditions. If some kind precedence exist for beginners, will help them out. It's easy to tread on on predecessors footsteps, however, people of innovative trends find their own ways even without any help of others.

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    Beginning of any new task, beginners have to learn a lot. Beginners should learn to care and follow the usual things, such as arriving at the office at the right time is considered a sign of a good employee. Therefore, punctuality is very important for you. By reaching the office on time, you can prepare the necessary framework for the work done on your behalf, which will make your work easier. The situation of arriving late office can create an atmosphere of chaos, due to which your work will be interrupted and there are more chances of spoiling the work in haste. Apart from this, the seniors present in the office are more experienced than the beginners in many respects, hence their experience should be taken during their work. Never forget to be social while doing any new work. People working around you have a lot of influence on how you behave.
    Swati Sharma

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    Beginners should understand the work by going through the available information in the office either in the files or on the computer. When a beginner joins many organisations give them introductory training. In this training programme, they will get some information about the organisation and culture of the organisation. Once they got introduced to the organisation, the beginners should get further knowledge about the work and the responsibilities by going through the job profile and the information available in the department.
    Then while discharging his duty, the candidate can seek the help of his seniors at various stages so that he will be fully aware of the whole system properly. If necessary he can also discuss with his subordinates. But going to the senior or juniors for every point is not correct. He should start himself and do the majority of the work on his own.

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    Beginners are always in a vulnerable situation. The senior can humiliate them on a small pretext and colleagues can mock them. So they have to be very alert and careful in their approach to the people. The senior will only teach when the beginner gives them the required respect. Learning everything by self is a tedious process. It takes time and often is a frustrating thing. The wiser beginners know this and tackle the seniors in a psychological ways seeing their strengths and weaknesses and make their moves accordingly. It is only for some time that this situation prevails and later things become at par.
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    Beginner need to obey the seniors and never pretend to be fully learned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mohan, you are very right. The relation between the beginner and senior is like that of a Guru-Chela (teacher and pupil) and if Chela tries to be smart Guru may not like it and if Guru is aggressive Chela has to tolerate it. Tolerating the Guru for the transition period is the essence of managing the learnings from the Guru. Pretending or disguising will only make the things worsen and sour the relationship. Guru is giving and Chela is receiving so it is the responsibility of Chela to see that relationship continues to be harmonious. It is his need that matters as Guru had already crossed that stage long back. Guru only wants obedience and loyalty from him.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Beginners have to work hard if they really want to grasp the things in minimum time. In any organisation beginners are generally given an on the job training so that they start to take full responsibilities soon. The people who work hard and learn quickly and help their seniors in a cordial way get an advantage of care and protection by their superiors and get a good support from the top.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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