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    Our etiquette is the most important asset of life.

    Who does not like the compliment, which means everyone likes it. The easiest way to get a compliment is courtesy. Everyone is affected by good manners. Manners are the way of receiving and giving respect.

    Humble and pleasant-natured people are always popular and respected by a large number of people. Apparently, such people are exerting magnetic effects on others. Thus, we should always practice good behavior in our life.

    Good manners always give an opportunity for a new conversation with people and this paves the way for us later. Therefore, parents should help their children to include all possible good manners in their habit.
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    Many people have got very good manners and they adhere to etiquette in their lives in every situation and people like them and also respect them. Having a good mannered behaviour is definitely an assets but very few are lucky to have that kind of mindset. Many people are arrogant and aggressive and search opportunities for conflict and confrontation. They do not get peace of their excited mind till they fight with others. They also have a sadistic approach to life. The company of such people is not a good thing as it will spoil our peace of mind and disturb us.
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    Going for a confrontation and argument with others is never advisable. You may differ with the ideas of the other person. You may differ with the other persons politically. But as a person, you need not differ with him. Talk politely and put your point firmly. That is good manners. Good manners will always be an asset to you. It will give value to you. You need not change your views and concur with the other person. But never belittle the other person, If you know this, you are a well-mannered man only.
    There are people who know what is etiquette and they will never behave differently. Respecting others is nothing but respecting yourselves. You respect them and they will respect you. Once this situation prevails, there will be peace and harmony among the people and the environment will be always friendly.
    If we go for quarrel always many people try to avoid us and we will never have good friends and we know their value when we miss them.

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    It's very true that good manners gives us respect, affection, sympathy and a place in the heart of others besides the person whom we show good manners to.
    Good manners always come from family. As our parents teach us we follow the same when we are grown up. It's fact that family environment affects the whole personality of a child. He watches each and every activity of their parents and other elderly people. How they interact with other people, how they treat each other in his family, he learns by watching them. If a child sees his father returns as drunk and uses abusive words for his mother or beats her, it affects him negatively. If his father teaches him good manners he will not learn good manners because what his father practically does is opposite to what he teaches.

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    The first impression that we make with others is depending on our behaviour, manners, and etiquette. People having courteous and cordial nature are respected everywhere and that is the mantra to become popular and likeable in a group. Fighting and offending both are very easy tasks as one can confront with other person on any matter however trivial or petty it might be.
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    What I have seen that those who behave well and talk less and remain seated aloof are being approached specially and they are looked after and attended well. At the same time those who have the helping tendency are given more work and responsibility and the expectations to give back more work wise is also large. But behaving well mannered and etiquette pave way for closer ties and more understanding with others and the opposite person would behave with measured moves as over actions and over reactions are not appreciated and regarded by those who follow the etiquette.
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