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    Too much of democracy?

    Niti Ayog head, Amitabh Kant has viewed about democracy which looks as if , according to him, "Tough Reforms Difficult in India, We Are Too Much of a Democracy" hurdles in the way of radical reform which the government wants to bring about. What does it imply to is the matter of concern for every Indian who believes in democratic structure of governance. Democracy keeps a reign on rulers from being absolute monarch, but otherwise, no rule can control them and people lose all protection umbrella of judiciary and the constitution is no more upheld if democracy comes to an end.
    I should clarify it that central government has categorically stated that democracy is the essence of our country but the question is why this statement has been uttered by a responsible person who is holding the designation of a constitutional body. I wonder to see there is no discussion on media about such anti democracy statement by a prominent person. Perhaps most of the people who are simply guided and influenced by the main stream media are not aware of such indecent remarks.
    On the other side, one can say, since BJP is the most popular party in the country and government wants to take some stringent laws or policies concerning radical reform and grass root level upliftment for the people and country but democratic system impedes in the ways of reformation. In this situation, democracy in our country should be replaced by one party rule for which BJP being a strong party while giving stable governments in centre as well as in States deserves under the rule of the Hon'ble Prime Minister, why we should not think to discard democracy from country?

    If you think that Hon'ble Prime Minsiter of India deserves to be the absolute Ruler of the country where he can take all decisions without any opposition from political parties, judiciary or people. If yes, it is not possible until the views of Niti Ayog Head are accepted as agreed upon and carried out.
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    Democracy is supposed to be the best form of a Govt and only rider is that it would progress only when there is no corruption. If we recollect there was a big agitation in Hong Kong for not to go under China because the people there liked democracy only and do not want to live under the communist regime. Why people like the democracy is because of the freedom that they enjoy. Basically no one wants to work and wants to do politics and for that there is no field better than democracy. There is ample scope for politics there. India is not having too much of democracy actually it has too much of corruption and freedom to do whatever one wants because he will get free with the help of some corrupt leader. Only in a corrupt democracy it is possible that a jailed person can live outside in a Banglow and no one can do anything in the matter.
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    Who said that democratic principles are not followed by the present govt. It is following the laid down procedures and bringing far reaching decisions which were not even thought and initiated by the previous regime. Unfortunately in India we do not have the sensible opposition which neither offers concrete suggestion nor it has the guts to keep quiet when the good schemes and programs are announced. Opposition parties should behave sensibly and not just behave as the laughing stock in front of the citizens of India. One thing is sure as long as concrete decisions are taken the people support to the govt is growing and doubling.
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    @K.Mohan: You are advised to read the post again because what you have said has nothing to do with the content of the post.

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    @Umesh: You are advised to Google to know what 'too much of democracy' statement is all about. It's not about corruption at all. I am sure you have not heard about this statement of Amitabh Kant. I can't give you the link as it is not allowed to give an external link in the forum section.

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    Mr. Amitab Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog did say that there is too much democracy in India to implement reforms. He later said his statement was taken out of context and what he meant was "too much of democracy to mirror China model". Why should we have the China model at all? Whatever be the context, the statement " too much of democracy in India" is a condemnable statement. In a democracy whatever the Government does should have the acceptance of the people. It may be a slow process but public opinion need to be heard.
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    I think it is not right to say India is having too much democracy. India doesn't want to be under a dictator. All people want democracy. But this facility should not be misused saying that they have rights here. We should always see that we should encroach the freedom of others in the name of our freedom.
    In a democratic country, the government should go with people always. What they do should have the approvals of people. But in our country only we can vote for a government and we can't recall the government till its tenure is over. So I think that saying India is having too much democracy is not correct.

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    Though Democracy offers the citizens a host of privileges such a freedom of expression, right to take up jobs as per one's ability, freedom of marriage etc. In that sense Democracy allows the citizens to enrich their skills as per their capabilities and in that way, citizens of India had been comfortable. However, with the roll over of the timing , corruption appeared in all sorts of programming resulting in dilution of the essential funds for the different welfare schemes. Initially it was in the modest form but it multiplied later on significantly due to the corrupt practices of our leaders.
    Such a rampant corruption is prevailing because of the state of too much democracy prevailing in our system.

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    People will not have any freedom if democracy is not there. At the same time people will not be serious if too much of freedom is there and there is no control on the people's ways especially the agitations and such similar things.
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    From the responses, it is clear that the content of the thread is not gone through. None of the responses are related to the content of the thread. My response is to the point and very brief.
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