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    Replacing humans with machines and employment concerns

    There has been phenomenal progress and development in the area of science and technology and newer and newer gadgets and machines are being introduced for the use of mankind in one way or other. It is good to see that progress happening around us, feel proud of it, and using these machine with awe and amazement. Many companies and business houses have realised one thing that machines are better than humans in all respect. They do not confront the management or create any problem of any kind except requiring their technical maintenance. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also going to make these facilities more and more robust with time. All these things are helping the companies and business houses to cut jobs and that is going to affect the employment opportunities in the whole world and not only in our country. So it is not a very healthy situation seeing the large number of students coming out of the educational institutes every year. What do you think about this aspect of our progress?
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    Yes, it is true. In the past, it is the human power only that is managing all kinds of works and providing employment generation in factories and business activities. As science and technology progressed, new tools and machines which can manipulate work done in many folds, need for manpower decreased. To reduce the cost to feed manpower by way of salaries, nowadays business people are completely dependent on modern technology. For example, till now to clean and wash cooking utensils and wash clothes, even middle-class people are depending on housemade servants. Now, these workers are demanding more salary per month, so now many people whom I know are buying automatic washing machines to wash clothes. Similarly, a dish wash machine which is not popular in India is now becoming popular that is available at a cost of Rs.20,000.

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    True. Many works are getting automated and machines are doing those works instead of human beings. But designing these new gadgets, making R &D and then developing the product and then bulk production of the machines. Then maintenance of the machines, repairs and replacements. All these aspects are not possible without human interface. So jobs will be created in these areas. But numbers may become less. Another aspect is skill-based works are increasing and physical works are getting reduced. So all people should think of getting educated and learning new skills. So chances for employment to people in this area will increase. I feel there may be a shift but totally jobs will not come down drastically.
    Another reason for automation is these days many people are not willing to do certain works and their expectations are increasing. That is giving a chance for these changes. Even agriculture labour also wanted transportation, then food arrangements to be made by the employer. So Farmers also are trying machines for their works in the fields also.

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    Man has already been removed by machines. The number of employees has been curtailed because use of machine but it can not be denied that man can't work as much as a machine can do. Latest technology is also essential to progress and develop a country. This is the responsibility of the government to find alternative avenues of employment for unemployed youth because of installation of machines.

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    The author raised an interesting thread for discussion. Unemployment is a major problem in the country which has been around for a long time. Increasing mechanization is taking away their employment from people. Apart from this, the increasing population is also a big reason, the country's resources and production do not go ahead, but the number of consumers continued to grow. In the interim, poverty was increasing in every house. That is, the number of earners in the family kept getting limited. We do not get a job even after getting a higher education. The third major cause of unemployment is the destruction of our small scale industries or the loss of their importance. As a result, millions of people in the country are wandering here and there in search of employment, alienated from their ancestral occupation.
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