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    Time and tide halt human emotions

    Nature has its various phenomena. Among them, time and tide both are such phenomena. Apart from nature, the lives of human beings are equivalent to time and also to tide. With every passing day, a person keeps on ageing and similarly, human emotions unfold while each second tick-tocks. Although the proverb: time and tide wait for none, is apt as both are natural processes. It is also true for human lives.

    No one can deny the reality that every person must use the present moment/time effectively. Losing time means giving up an opportunity which can cost dearly to anybody such as a student must study well or else the academic result will slide down. There are many examples: one is at an appropriate time a patient should be taken to a doctor because a delay in it may ruin someone's life. So, is the case of a tide in human lives. No one knows what would surge up in life at any point in time. In one's lifetime, he/she may have immense love or hatred. An inflow of money can be more or less, friends can be in abundance or can suddenly leave one to make him/her lonely, have a close-knit family or all of a sudden become completely alone, birth and death are the perfect examples of tides in lives.

    Nature is a great preacher, so every person must learn the lessons from nature to lead a healthy life. Human beings think themselves to be superior, and they decide their way of living according to their wish but the natural process of time and tide has lent a supreme knowledge to us beings. We should not forget that God is the creator of all, and with every creation, He imparts a knowledge. Factually, it is up to the human race to understand the implied meaning and react to every situation accordingly.

    We must learn a lesson from time and tide that nothing will wait for us, so we must use each single second and every condition that comes our way in the best possible manner. If human beings fail to understand the value of time and the consequences of an emotional tide, which means an implication of any sudden occurrences, it will make life worthless. Time and tide of nature wait for no one, and the same applies to human lives, rather it halts human emotions and leaves them to repent for faulty decision making.

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    Time and tide wait for none. So we have to use every moment effectively. There will be a time for every work and we have to do it at that time only. Otherwise, we can't do that again. A missed train is missed forever. We can't get into it on our lifetime.
    Many people try to think about their past and try to live in that past always. It is of no use. Gone time is gone. We can't get it back. Always live in present. Then your life will be pleasant. Go on talking about the past and forgetting the present will never ensure a better tomorrow. Today you should do what you have to do, then only your tomorrow will be good.
    Some people never know the value of time and try to waste their productive lifetime. That will harm them and they can't come up in their lives. One should keep this fact in mind and try to achieve their goals and ambitions at the right time. Get up and start planning and executing. You will be successful

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    We may do our best efforts in our lives but there are some factors which are crucial and affect our lives in many ways. Our elders used to say be afraid of the time it can play a trick anytime anywhere on us. Some people call it fate and destiny also but whatever it is it moves in line with only one coordinate and that entity is known as the time. Understanding time is neither an easy task nor managing it is easy. It is something like a big slippery fish which moves from our fist more and more we try to hold it. Scholars have completely puzzled by the passage and flow of time and had spent their whole life in understanding it but still the present da scholars are trying to find its root in the big universe. People who can manage time can manage anything in their lives as everything is indirectly or directly connected with time.
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    A nice thread posted by the author. What helps in moving forward is called time. Those who can catch the running time and walk along with it, whoever has recognized the importance of time and has made good use of it, has gone up the ladder of progress. But whoever has despised it has ruined time. Timely use is the key to development and success. Time is very important in human life. When the value of time is recognized, that time is well utilized. The past never comes back. No one is a slave to time. Time is not dependent on anyone, it moves at its own pace. A person who does not understand the importance of time can never make his life successful. Every intelligent person understands the importance of time. Our life is tied to time. It is impossible to increase even a single moment in the amount of time God has given us. A nation whose people understand the importance of time can prosper only.
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