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    When the things are right what is the fun in life ?

    When I met my close friend today after a long gap of 10 months, during the interaction he said that when the things are right then what is the fun in life ? Probably he said right because there should be twists and turns mixed with sorrow and happiness so that we learn all the navarasas of expressions in our life otherwise, the life tends to look as normal and even boring. And those who are always happy in their life does not like to live in that way. What is your opinion on this matter. Please share any further information connecting to this thread.
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    I don't agree with the author's close friend because sorrow and unhappiness have no fun for people and there is no question of enjoying navarasas (love, laughter, kind-heartedness or compassion, anger, courage, fear, disgust, wonder or surprise and peace or tranquillity.

    All these navarasas are the part of life, of course, sorrow is too, but I have not met any person who ever enjoys pain and suffering. People want to live a happy and peaceful life. If they are well settled and are satisfied to what they have and they have no serious disease too, then they can have fun and enjoyment in life.
    Some people are extremely adventurous they can't live at a place and can't do a particular job as normally people do but they like to have fun by visiting worldwide places or like to act some risky activities where they have no fear of death and they know that they can die if any mistake is done by them. They feel boring in normal life. But they can not face any sorrow they may go into depression and such people can take a step to commit suicide too because their aim in life is nothing but fun and enjoyment.

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    What I mean that life should be a mix of all ingredients and only the enjoyment.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The fun in life is facing all the situations that come in our way and going ahead. We may have difficulties and we have luxuries. Let us not get too much excited with the luxuries we have and let us not stuck with the problems in our life. If there are problems think of them and solve them and if there are happy movements share with other people.
    If our life is full of success stories only, we will never know the value of success. When you taste a failure only you will understand the taste of success. This is what I believe in my life. If you are born by rich you don't know the value of money and how difficult it is to earn.

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    I agree with the author's friend. The importance of happiness in life is due to unhappiness. Every person in the world wants happiness, nobody wants grief. One is afraid of unhappiness and hence makes various efforts to get rid of unhappiness. That is, every human being always does something according to his capacity to eliminate sorrow and create happiness. No one has eradicated the coexistence of happiness and sorrow to date. When happiness is at hand, it feels small. Look at it once and you will know in a moment how big and special it is. This does not mean that the person should remain unhappy but it is that if sorrow has come, then keep trying with the hope that happiness will come at the next turn which will bring new excitement in his life.
    Swati Sharma

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    Sweet are the usage of adversaries. It is the difficulties and tough times from which we get experience for the future and learn not to repeat those mistakes or deeds which were the supposed causative for failures or misfortunes. So, these are the learning occasions and then we enjoy the life when the good phase comes. Enjoying good without knowing what bad could be is a plain life without any thrill or excitement.
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    Life will never be smooth and there will be good times and as well bad times. The challenges and tough situations make us learn about the life many things which we never had learnt in our schools as it is now the practical experience through which we are going. So by learning from the tough times only we take care and precautions in our future life and enjoy it because then only we come to know well as what is it to have good times.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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