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    Taking initiatives are better than being a motormouth

    Some people like to take the initiatives to bring positivity on the faces of the people by offering help. But others live a luxurious life without caring for others. Some people always keep talking of problems only despite the capacity to stave off some problem and help societies improve towards prosperity.

    And there is another category who irrespective of their status, are always ready to take initiatives in life that help them bring a smile on the faces of family members as well as those they offer help. From personal life to social life, taking initiatives are a major step towards bringing prosperity in someone's life than being a motormouth and doing nothing despite the capability to carry some responsibility towards society.

    It is better to take initiative to improve societies prosper than bragging bizarre things despite your capacity to help needy.
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    A motormouth speaks quickly and incessantly. It's his habit to chatter unnecessarily but it doesn't mean that every motormouth may be able to help someone. However, I agree with the author that we should help the people if we are able to do so. Those who come forward to help others voluntarily are great in my sight. I respect them a lot because now a days what I see is that humanity is losing its importance and people are becoming selfish and self-centered. Most of the people see profit and loss in doing any work, especially, for others.

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    Good post from the author. Those who has the capacity to change the system and follow the reach out has only right to talk on the subject and others just giving advise though competent enough to reach out are the waste people according to me. Each one can help other and mitigate the problems to some extent so that we can bring some happiness in the face. What is the use of going on acquiring money and wealth when we are not going to take anything with us when we leave this world. By not reaching out others and making money only bring the dissent voice inside the family and the enmity would be wider. One thing is surely happening as those who were selfish and cunning knows the knack of fooling others and earn money for themselves but their no thought of helping others would pave way for further discarding their relations.
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    There are different people with a different attitude. But helping others when the other person is in need is the best way. Some people show lip sympathy but never come forward the help others in very difficult conditions also. That is never acceptable and such people are selfish only.
    Some people are ready to give half of their meal to the other person if he is hungry. Such people will get divine help when they are in need.
    I know some people who never help been their own brothers and sisters even when they need help badly. It is inhuman to behave like this.

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    Nice thread posted by the author. It is rightly said that everyone wants to bring change in the world, but when it comes to taking initiative, very few people come. It is easy for everyone to help people in society, every person can help others in one way or the other. Those who work for the improvement of society, those social reformers come out of us. People are keener to bring revolutions, but to be revolutionary in society requires courage, but more courage is needed to become a social reformer because revolutionaries have always got respect. Similarly, the social reformer has got respect but at times, he is forced to bear insults but still does not back down from taking initiative. Therefore, the role of the social reformer is more important than revolutionary.
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    There is difference between talks and action. People talk about so many things and suggest that it should be like that and that should be like some other thing and so on but when the time for action comes they take a back seat and wait for someone to do the honours. It may appear to be clever thing to do so but many are accustomed to it and talk only to impress others.
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    @Umesh: Some people are destined to talk and their talk is appreciated by some strange people whereas a person who takes action instead of talking he is ignored. Sometimes, we observe this reverse trend in our society.

    Some people are so much influential that they only talk and people who are impressed by him rush to take action according to his dictation and the interesting scene is that he only keeps on talking and people never say what he himself does not de. Ours is a strange world.

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