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    Show seriousness in the life

    I have seen some people taking their lives very casually, not making any future plans, not considering any concrete steps for the secured future living, as they simply believe that the time will take its own course and prove the difference. But one should not discard opportunities and chances that come on the way and that must be fully explored to the advantage. Fortunately for those kinds of people the luck factor also favors them and they seems to be winners with no efforts at all. What is your take on this subject matter and how would reason it ?
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    Nice post by the author. Life is a long journey and we learn continuously some new things in it every day. Maturity does not come in one day. It takes its own tortuous route. The interesting thing is that seriousness comes with maturity only. That is the reason why old people are able to save more than the youngsters some of whom are getting huge salaries but spending everything in fun and frolic. One cannot progress in ones life if one is not serious. It is that trait which is a crucial requirement for concentration and focus in our lives and without it whatever we do will be incomplete.
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    The author is right. Seriousness concerning career and future planning is necessary. Opportunities come and go but if these opportunities are deliberately missed and did not catch on time someone might fall in deep trouble. Wasting time and wasting opportunities may prove detrimental, especially, in this pandemic age wherein large number of people have become jobless.

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    The author has given a nice message through his thread, many people live life with carelessness, they think that whatever would happen will be seen and so such people do not make any plans in advance, it is necessary to have a purpose in life in man which brings seriousness in his nature. When there is no goal, then no matter what the path is, you keep wandering. A person who has no goal in life lives his life, but he wanders here and there like a passer-by. On the other hand, by having a goal in life, a man knows which direction he has to go. In fact, real-life belongs to the one who has the courage to change the circumstances and sets his own path by setting his goal. Mahatma Gandhi says that it is better to do something than to do nothing. Whatever he does, he succeeds. Our goal can be anything because every person sets goals according to his abilities. Life can be made easier, this is not a big challenge. All that is needed is a firm determination of thinking.
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    Correct. No one can help us unless otherwise, we put in our sincere efforts for making the life successful. The individual is the architect of his/her life and nobody can change that without the intentions of the individual. So we should not take anything lightly and always be ready to grab the chance that is coming in your way. If a fielder is not very cautions and drops a catch the batsman may go and make a century. Sometimes small issues will change the entire course of life. So nothing should be taken easily. When we put in our sincere efforts and try all possible ways, definitely we will receive help from heaven also and from all side, we will get support and we will be successful.
    If you close your eyes and walk on a road thinking that the road is very familiar, you may not be able to see the gold that is kept by God there for you. So be watchful, work with maximum potential and achieve success in all walks of your life.

    always confident

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