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    Perils of unoccupied mind

    God has given us a mind and a body. The mind has to think and plan and body has to execute it as per the directions which are continually coming from the mind. People who are busy in their work derive the real satisfaction of living a constructive life. They enjoy their lives because they have a purpose and they work to fulfil it. Lazy and inactive people do not believe in working as they think that as God has made them so He will only provide the food also. It is a wishful thinking but does not happen in real life. Unoccupied minds cannot remain happy. Unoccupied minds are the warehouse of sorrows and griefs only. We should always try to keep ourselves occupied in positive things in our lives and that is the only thing that matters as all other good things will come to us in natural ways. Members may like to comment.
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    When we sit idle and free without work, the devil mind start thinking in wrong direction and thus we find many youth diverted to the wrong doing and they are being chased and followed by wrong persons in the society who hire them to commit wrong things for the price. Having habituated to earnings without much effort, these people turn to be hard core criminals in the long run. That is the reason being so the correctional studies in the jail manual suggests that even the hard core criminals lodged in the jails must work something to have food inside otherwise the devil mind make new sketches to commit further crime an frauds. Those who are released on bail are closely watched by the police for further bind over if they suspect more bad behavior after coming out of jail. So one should not be kept without works.
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    An idle brain is a devil's workshop. We all heard this saying. So our brain should be always occupied with some of the other tasks. When there is nothing to think, our brain starts thinking about unwanted issues and we may end up with doing wrong deeds. This is not the desired path. Sometimes we sit idle without anything to do, our mind will start working in unwanted directions and that may lead us to unknown destinations.
    So one should keep his mind always busy in constructive ways and take maximum advantage. They only can say that he lived up to his expectations.

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    When we are not doing anything we are thinking but it also often happens when we are doing something still we think something else. A man should keep his thinking positive in every direction as much as possible. Every time a thought keeps coming into the human mind, but it is up to us how we turn those thoughts in a positive direction. Many people are lost in the past. They also waste their present time remembering the bad things that happened to them. This happens to many people. If you remain in your past, you will never be able to be happy. Therefore, it is better that you pay more attention to the present. Do not think again about what has happened to you in the past. Negative thoughts keep coming into his mind, like tomorrow he will get a job, where will he deposit the installment of insurance, how to build a house, how to teach children, etc. It is a type of disorder. You should not worry in vain. Think as positive as you think.

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    Unoccupied mind is like an empty container which is lying vacant just like that. It is a pitiable condition and the individual having this syndrome is good for nothing. Moreover he will be a liability on others and will not have any self esteem also. Mind has a powerful potential and the sky is the only limit. It is up to the individual to nurture it in any direction or to keep it unused in which case it will slowly get rusted and will be irreversible to come back to its normal state. Active people and ambitious people never keep their mind unoccupied as that is the wastage of the immense powers bestowed on human beings.
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    Lazy people do nothing but waste their precious time. When the person does not work and waste his time in useless activities, actually, spoils his life. Such a person is a burden on this earth. He is more interested in watching what the other people are doing. He wastes their time as well. He thinks of useless things, sometimes, his empty mind is filled with harmful notions which tempt him to harm others. He is more like a paranoid. It's good for all to keep him away from them.

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