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    Be slow and steady to have control on the situation

    It has been invariably experienced and felt that those who hurry to complete the pending tasks and works are tend to end up with errors and mistakes and setting right them would be out of bounds and there are every chance of the issue escalating to next level of serious lapse on our part. And being very slow is also not good in the work area because our completion of work connects to others as the chain and they need not suffer our late attending of work. So slow and steady is the best way to have full control on work and situation.
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    The author is right. As we often hear that slow and steady wins the race. Working people should take the advice of the author to use their time systematically so that they might complete their pending work. If they don't care about time, they will have to complete their given task in hurry and in this situation they might do a lot of mistakes. It will create more problems for them and also other departments will be affected as the author has suggested.

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    The author has given very good advice that is we should be slow and steady to have control over the situation. Many times it happens that when a lot of work comes together or for some reason, many tasks have been pending, then we come under Mentally pressure and work gets messed up in haste. Sometimes when we think about something or a problem we need an answer and we are not getting the answer to that problem at that time. Even after applying a lot of minds, there is a confusion that if the answer was not understood, then the mind gets tired. Thinking and stops working, it seems that our brain is no longer able to work. In such a situation, we should leave him for a while and think about it. Situations can be handled more easily by working comfortably with a relaxed mind.
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    Understand the task properly and then plan your work and execute the same accordingly. Without understanding the whole issue completely, if you start working in bits and pieces you can't do a good job. These days we should not be alow. If we are slow somebody else will grab the advantage. So we should work at a reasonably fast phase and complete the task within time. Waiting till the last minute and then hurrying up the issues can lead to errors. So steady work is always required.
    It is not that we are the first to complete the work but we should be the first to complete the task much better than others. That should be the objective. These days we see many young people will not concentrate on the work till the last minute. In such cases, chances for mistakes to happen are very high and hence not desirable.

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