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    Your weakness stands advantage to others

    Everyone of us are having some weakness or the other not necessarily connected to the health point of view but understanding the things, or having the shy behavior to ask for the right information from others or thinking too much about the others, or even underestimating the good persons. These setbacks in us are the weakness which would be thoroughly and well exploited by others to their advantage. So never give chance by venting your weakness either directly or indirectly and that would give them the upper hand.
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    Some of the weaknesses of man has been pointed out by the author, which, according to him may be exploited by others to get some kind of advantage.
    A: Understanding the things: It's not clear which things he evinced to
    B: Shy behaviour: He said that due to being shy someone does not ask for information which is to be asked for. It may be possible that he is not shy but before some August personalities, he might get shy of asking for necessary information. It may or may not be harmful to him in the long run. Another option may be that he may collect all the necessary information from him through someone else.
    C: Thinking too much about others: It's mainly related to someone who is infatuated for someone because of his/her attractive personality/qualities. It's commonly seen in stupid lovers.
    D: Underestimating good person: It may be attributed to someone who is either immature or blindfolded or brainwashed for some other person and is subject to him/her he is doing this mistake.
    I think many of us have these types of weaknesses, at least, each of us shares one weakness.

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    The author has rightly said that every human being has some weakness and some goodness but we should not tell our shortcomings to everyone. We should not disclose our weaknesses to others. Many people openly tell about their weaknesses to their close ones. Which later proves to be a loss for themselves. Along with close people, this weakness is gradually revealed to a lot of people. Knowing this weakness, many people also take advantage of it. Therefore, a sensible man should not reveal his weakness to anyone. The biggest weakness inside a human being is that he reveals his secret to anyone by his understanding. And due to this secret, later his enemies take advantage of it and harm him. As much as possible we should turn our weaknesses into strengths and learn something new every time. However, in many places or cases, keeping it confidential can also prove fatal. But in many cases, by exposing it, people will start treating you as being weak or they will mentally suppress you. That is why you should think carefully about when, where, and what weakness to keep confidential. Also, learn to differentiate between weakness and inefficiency.

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    The world is a cruel place, there is nothing surprising in it as it is a known fact and many people have been the victim of this cruelty around. There are people around us everywhere and most of the times who are ready to exploit our weakness in some form which is advantageous to them. Everyone has seen rich and smart students mocking the poor students in the school campus. We have also seen some of the shrewd people sitting on high positions exploiting the subordinates or people who want to get some work done under their power so the world is full of such terrible things and no one will save us if we do not save ourselves. We have to take our own care and precautions in the matter. It is difficult for the gullible ones to protect themselves but one must learn things and do homework to avoid the unnecessary and unwanted offences by others. We are already suffering because of our weaknesses and if others also exploit us that is too much to tolerate.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Every one of us will have some weaknesses. To understand them actually we should take SWOT analysis. That will help us to understand our weaknesses. Once we know where is the problem we can work on that and see that we can come out of that weakness. That is the way we convert our weakness to our strength.
    Definitely, there are chances we may lose some opportunities because of our weakness. So we should evaluate the opportunities and wok on and see that we will grab the opportunities. In this process, only our weakness will become a hindrance. So we have to take the necessary steps like getting training or learning a new subject will improve our strengths and we will become more strong.
    We should never be under the impression that we have a weakness which can't be avoided. Don't get into that mindset. Always there are ways and means to overcome our weaknesses and we can be on a strong foot and can withstand competition from others. The present-day situation is very tough and unless otherwise, you go an extra mile you can't achieve success.

    always confident

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    All the people are not equally qualified or capable for some work. There are good differences between people in this respect. Some are very smart and carry their work and progress ahead while some are laggards and move slowly. They have limited abilities and restricted capacities. These people are prone to mocking and teasing by the colleagues. People will laugh on their inabilities and take advantage of their weaknesses also.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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