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    Let your message move forward with your experiences.

    The great collection of inspirational thoughts of the great man will prove very helpful in changing both the condition and direction of your life. One such great man has said that if you are poor and will tell people that money is not important, then they will not listen to you.

    We can also understand that if you do not have the knowledge and you tell people that knowledge should not be arrogant, then people are not going to listen to you. If you teach people how to fight problems in life, but you cannot solve a problem on your own, then every preaching of yours will be considered meaningless.

    Therefore, giving good knowledge to others in life, developing others, thinking of them all are appreciated, but only when you apply those principles in your life that you are teaching others. One should convey his message to the world through his/her actions and experiences.
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    Absolutely right. Nothing can affect people unless the person who is saying must practice upon his own sayings first. When doings are similar to sayings then sayings have weight. Hollow teachings or slogans don't affect us.

    Another aspect of this topic which is being experienced in an unprecedented way is that hollow slogans can be acceptable among the masses with the help of propaganda and for this propaganda different sources/ outlets can be used for this service.

    It's said that speak a lie hundred times to change it into a truth. It might be exaggerated though, however, it is observed that despite sayings and doings fall apart without any balance , end result is that hollow sayings are accepted.

    Now, someone can be vocal to express his doubts about it but if he goes into deep will come out with sterling belief that it is an undeniable reality of the day. However, anomalous views are hard to digest, but fact is fact.

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    Preach what you follow, is the essence. But these days politicians will never follow this. They say to do what the say but never do what they do.
    A rich person living a simple life can say that money is not an important criterion. But when we hear him we feel he is saying as he is having plenty of money. But a poor man who refuses free money from a rich man proves that money is not very important for him.
    Many people say many quotes and who preach many things. But if they are not following those principles and ethics, people will never respect them and give importance to their teachings. Many great people like Rama Krishna Paramahamsa always followed this. They teach what the follow and what they felt is the best as per their experience. Such people always command respect from others.

    always confident

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    Actions speak more that the words. If we want the people to follow us and follow our preachings then they will first see our actions and if our actions are not in tune with our ideologies, they will find the truth soon and would stop listening to us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author is right if we preach someone that money cannot bring pleasure in our lives. Though happiness is not connected with the material wealth alone but no one would be interested to hear you unless you have huge wealth to pull up your life. A man of fragile health cannot claim that he is a peace loving man. Even though he may be but the same does not support his conviction.
    However, the situation would be different if a poor man refuses any award on returning the wallet of gentle man who lost the same while walking on the road. This would reflect his true charecter in such a situation.

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    Nicely said by the author that many come forward to give good advice and tips but when it comes to their personal experience of the same tips they plead for ignorance. It is easy to advise others but hard to follow the same and experience it. For example the pontiff or the guru should follow the principles first and pave the way for the others to emulate. If you see the internet there are many quotes appearing out of copying or with the know from various sources. Many quotes are spammed and they are repeated elsewhere in the internet. But real quotes are not shared in the social platforms at all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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