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    Sand is an essential part of our river ecosystem - protect it.

    Illegal sand-quarrying has led to serious consequences and river sand is now becoming a rarity. The river sand is much better for construction purposes than any other sand used for construction and is one of the most used resources in the world.

    It can undoubtedly be said that sand is an essential part of the river's ecosystem. Like the river's water flow and fishes, it helps the rivers to stay healthy. It is very important for the recharge of groundwater and supplies the nutrients in the runoff water. Sand helps in maintaining the flow of water during the days of lack of water flow in rivers.

    The carelessness with which people have exploited natural resources makes it very clear that we have not spared anything in the name of development. Whether it is coal or natural gas or mineral oil, and if this happens further, soon we may have to face a lack of sand.
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    sand -quarry- mafia is active on high level. They have connection to leaders and high level authorities.Often, we hear news about murder of honest officials who nerved to curb illegal sand quarrying in their area. a few years ago a young engineer was killed by sand quarry mafia. His murder became breaking news.

    Why powerful people are involved in this business, reason is that they would not have to invest money in production of this product as sand is a ready made product and sold as it is. They just require contract licence to start this business.
    I appreciate the author for showing her concern for illegal trade of sand.

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    Sand business is very lucrative these days. Many political leaders are involved in this mafia. In many states of our country, this problem is there. Illegal trading of this material has become very common these days. Many disputes are coming in this trading and the governments are not doing any corrective action as their leaders are also involved in this activity.
    Many middle-class people are feeling it difficult to procure sand which is a major material for building construction. As mentioned by the author these activities are resulting in an imbalance in the ecosystem. A suitable corrective action is the need of the hour to avoid this problem.

    always confident

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