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    Give children the confidence to become what they want to become

    We often see some parents discover some innate talent in their children. Like dancing, singing and or even painting. More often than not, the parents kill the motivation of children to pursue a career in the particular passion of the child. For example, there are playback singers who somehow followed their passion and made it against heavy odds. Parental objection often kills such passion.

    The only way parents can do justice is to identify the appropriate slots where the child can easily pick up a basic degree through distance education if need be, after acquiring the appropriate competencies to become a professional in the passion. For example, to specialize and acquire competencies in Carnatic music, it is but essential that the family shifts to Chennai or ensures that the child gets trained under a specialist. There is often a cost involved, but the pay-offs in terms of results can be really good on a later date.

    The person can always study through distance education after studying upto the plus two level and get a basic degree. There are other options available, like for example, checking for good facilities abroad to acquire the competencies required.

    We should always encourage children to become what they want to become. Encouragement by parents is central to this process.
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    That is true. The interest of the individual is more important than their parent's interest. I and my wife thought that our elder son is good at singing. We encouraged him. But he said he is having no interest in music. We left it. He concentrated on his studies only and became a software engineer. The college selection and the course selection is left to him. He joined in a good college and taken the branch he wanted. He fared well and he is the only candidate to get selected to IBM from that institute that year. I think what approach we followed is the correct approach. If we force our children to do what we like, they may not flourish in that area and may not fare well in their lives.
    It is not required to get degrees. There are many other fields where people can show their talent and get a good name in that field. The great all-time Singer SP Bala Subrahmanyam discontinued his B E but became a world-famous singer because of his passion for singing.

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    Agree with the author. Parents should allow children to hone their talent. Children are the future of the country. Children should not be interrupted for every small thing but should be encouraged to do something new. Every parent wants their child to be intelligent and always tops in studies, but when this does not happen, they get frustrated. Keep in mind one thing that every child must have some talent even if it is not very amazing or unique. It is your responsibility to find and encourage that talent. See if the child is interested in it. Do not keep your desire or convenience in mind. In today's competitive world, children have to prepare for many challenges from childhood. In such a situation, his confidence also decreases at times. Parents should continue to encourage their children to avoid this situation and increase confidence.

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    Yes, the kids should be allowed to pick up the courses for which they have the deep passion. Forcing the courses of studies of the parental choice would prove to be counterproductive later. This sometimes happens due to the twin reason- the first one is the shyness of the kids not coming out openly against our wishes and the second one they don't have any special preference to any line. The parents are satisfied that their wards are obedient and the selection of the engineering course as suggested by them but later their parents would be shocked to see the dismal performance of their wards due to the wrong choice.
    Hence the parents should not remain in a hurry to ask their ward any course for their liking and let it come from their end so that they choose any course of their own interests. In that way, they will shine well in their own areas.

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    Parents are very near and dear to their children and mother knows the talents and ability of her child and from the beginning she should be giving her all the push and pull to nurture all the beginning talent to a formidable experienced talent and thus while the child is grown up much can be learned and channelize through high level learning with good command and the winnable abilities. The singing, dancing, sporting activities are some of the hidden talent which must be given great impetus during the childhood. One small girl in our colony who used to run on the colony roads often, has represented the state SAI and got the prize for district level sports meet and thus her mother a maid servant and goes for vessel cleaning in the same colony is now beaming with confidence that her child is the sports person now.
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    It is an established fact that a person does good progress and delivers good performance in the line of his interest and liking and based on this the educationists and psychologists insist the parents to take care of this aspect while helping the children for charting a career in their lives. So it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor the children and then push them in the desired career line.
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    A nice post by the author. Choosing a career line and that also of one's choice is a very difficult proposition in today's environment as few jobs are there but at the same time there is a tremendous rush for them and there is no question of choosing a job. Only those who are much above in merit and have done their education from the reputed institutions can think of making a career in their line of liking.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is the duty and responsibility of parents to guide their children in the right direction so that they can have a stable career. They should observe if their child has any God gifted talent and he shows his interest in this particular talent, then parents are obliged to pave the way and facilitate him to improve his talent. Some parents impose their own choice on their child. This is the wrong thing from parents. They should not make a prestige issue for their family or clan. They should welcome what their child wants to do. However, if the child wants to go in a particular field but they know that he will not have his bright future in that field, in this situation they should clarify and expound the reason why he should not opt for that profession. They can take the help of other people as well to let him convince why a particular area is not good for him

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