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    Have you met psychopaths or sociopaths?

    Psychopathy is a psychological condition in which the person demonstrates a profound dearth of empathy for the sentiments of others, a readiness to engage in unethical and antisocial behaviour for short-term gains, and extreme narcissism.

    Psychopaths or sociopaths often use long-winded stories to sketch themselves as sufferers. They often accuse other people and decline to take any accountability for their transgression. Exhibiting compassion for them plays into their hand, so keep discussions centred on facts only.
    It has been deduced in several research that successful psychopaths share the same core features as other psychopaths. They're aggressive, dishonest, and cold. They experience little remorse, minimize self-blame, manipulate people, and display shallow affect.
    What made successful psychopaths differently was their level of conscientiousness. Psychopaths who become criminals rank low in this personality trait. Successful psychopaths, however, rank higher in conscientiousness.
    It means that successful psychopaths are less impulsive, negligent, and irresponsible than the psychopaths who live a life of crime. That doesn't mean successful psychopaths are always law-abiding citizens, however. They just might be smart enough not to get caught.

    Psychopaths are most often male. But that doesn't mean you'll never encounter a female psychopath. Although they're not as common, they do exist and they can be just as harmful as male psychopaths.

    How many psychopaths or sociopaths you have met so far? Generally, in this age, most of the materialistic people may be inflicted with this mental disorder. They can't tolerate you if you stand to oppose them. They are too much haughty that once what they have decided can't take their decision back. They have no emotions, so they can go to any extent to harm you.
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    The author has posed a question that How many psychopaths or sociopaths you have met so far? Frankly speaking countless. But we may not give credence to their observations and contentions because we have our own reasoning and keep them aloof from meeting them again and completely avoid them for future. Those are the people who are with one set thinking and would not divulge from their point of view and we cannot convince them with our convincing powers because they try to impose their own impressions and observations to which we are already averse and may not like. However such people need a lending ear and they keep on harping for our friendship and bonding to which we may not agree for our own dislikes. Ultimately those people are discarded and not cared in the society in long run.
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    I have seen many such people. But I never tried to continue the relationship with them. I never made friends with them. Such people always act as if they are innocent and they never did any harm to anybody. At the same time, they try to impress others by saying that they have many problems in their lives and try to create an impression that they are suffering a lot in their lives. Such people can manipulate others easily. Their intentions will never be good and many of them will never care for the rules and regulations.
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