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    How much BCCI financially contribute to ICC?

    As we all know without BCCI, ICC can't sustain but how much BCCI contribute to ICC? some of the cricketers are openly saying that BCCI will give more money than their cricket boards who play in the Indian premier league. The total revenue of ICC is $2.5 billion( approximately 16,200 crores) out of this the BCCI contributes 30% of that where the second is from the England Cricket Board (ECB) which is close to 12% and the third and fourth are 5 and 4 respectively. Even some of the future or new Cricket boards are financially supported by BCCI.
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    Cricket is the biggest money spinning game and right from the broadcasting rights, ads inside the media, ads on tickets, ads and sponsors on every t shirt of the player runs into crores and some of the matches are already agreed upon for the world tv rights and therefore huge money is involved in each transactions and even the players are getting whooping money. How much India contributes to the ICC is not the question, how much we are gaining through each match played in International arena managed by the ICC. Each player is hugely paid if the performance charts is far better.
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    As I understand, BCCI as well as other cricket boards in the world get revenue from the ICC depending on where the game is held and what are the other receipts for advertisements etc. Now one problem which is coming is the escalation in the cost of managing ICC itself and there are some tax issues also. So ICC may not give as much revenue as expected by the BCCI. This could lead to the confrontation between the two. Due to Covid-19 situation some matches were postponed and that revenue is also delayed much. BCCI may also ask ICC for holding additional matches in the host countries but ICC may not agree due to their own compulsions.
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    All the member countries in ICC will get money from ICC. Indian cricket Board that is BCCI get lin's share from. After India, England gets the second highest share. ICC makes money from the matches it conducts and the television rights of those matches, advertisements in these matches and from the tickets collected. From this income, after deducting the expenses the remaining amount will be distributed to the member countries. As India is a big country and Indians are fond of cricket more than any other countries ICC gets more income from India but not from BCCI. Based on this only the share to India from ICC is decided.
    No income to ICC from other matches conducted by other member countries. For example, the tournament of India to Australia is an event between India and Australia. So ICC will not have any income from this tournament. BCCI will have a big say in all the matters of ICC as income from India is more. I don't know whether BCCI pays any amount to ICC from its income

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