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    How much is 16000 tons?

    In a thread, a member has said that Kerala has transported 16000 tons of juicy pineapples to the farmers protesting on the state borders as reported in the newspapers.
    Should we believe this information? How much is 16000 tons? A big truck can carry only30 tons. To transport 16000 tons, we need about 530 trucks. Or a goods wagon numbering over 100.
    Do you believe this information? Is it not an exaggerated or misinformation? What could be the quantity of pineapples transported?
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    I regret the mistake. It may be read as 16000 kg or 16 tonnes. This is not a misinformation. A mistake.
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    It is only a half truckload. Nothing great. It would serve 16000 people with one drink. Anyway, not a bad gesture. Something is better than nothing.
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    The gesture, not the quantity, that counts. You cannot say, it is a half- truck load. Now we have trucks of different carrying capacities. I want to add that ton is different from tonne.
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    I am also tempted to add a few lines about ton or tonne. Ton is an imperial unit of weight and is used very commonly in US even today. 1 ton is equal to 2,240 lb (pounds) or about 1016 kg. On the other hand the term tonne is the metric unit of weight and is equal to 1000 kg. In our country when we say 1 ton or tonne then most of the people understand it as 1000 kg only. It represents a big weight. That is why 16000 ton evoked a surprise as that would become too much and numerally will be equal to 16000000 kg. Anyway, author of that particular thread has already made it clear and issue is resolved.
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