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    Happiness is a beautiful feeling that wipes out all disturbances

    Life is filled with difficulties and disturbances. A person has to undergo huge efforts to make both ends meet. It becomes even more difficult when someone in the family is facing health issues and needs better treatment; expenses increase. Things become even more difficult and it drains a person psychologically. The concern to normalise the atmosphere in the family always hunts such a person despite every possible attempt to provide the best available facilities as per capacity. At times, disturbances are not ready to leave you easily!

    Life brings such disturbing moments and a person feels upset and looks ways to come out of such situations. A person feels restless for a glimpse of amusement and happiness. This happiness is a blessing for people. And people should always be thankful to almighty for this beautiful feeling that wipes out all disturbance and disorders, and loads a person with positivity in life.
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    @Umar: This worldly life, specifically, for a believer is full of trials and tribulations. When it has been decalred as a prison for a believer how he can enjoy his life as others do. How long one has to stay in this transient world of deeds- just a few years but glad tidings are predestined for those people who endure all these trials and tribulations steadily while following what they have been commanded to obediently, submissively and sincerely in accordance with ways of 'guide of this mankind'. Be thankful to Almighty for this beautiful life. A believer is never disappointed to the mercy of his Lord.
    Time is running and every moment we are moving towards our death which is a bridge between the world of deed and the world of rewards. Be firm and steady with submissiveness, loyalty and dedication as a pious person, sooner blessings of Almighty will be showered upon every righteous person in hereafter.

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    Surely after the series of set backs and challenging time, if happiness comes to our fold, we feel elated and greatly relieved. What I feel that we need not expect bountiful of happiness at least some moments of happiness now and then would pave the way for a great start of new work. Even at the office after the hectic solving of problems and task, a pat on the back from the immediate boss would pave way for good work to the next allotted task. One need not expect awards or rewards for having successfully done the job but a pat on the back for having carried out the work without fuss is something every one yearn for it. And what I feel that if we work and succeed on others absence and a word of appreciation would prove that we are the all rounder in the office task and expectations and that would give the elated feelings.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Happiness is one of the most valuable things in life. For this, you will have to try continuously. When you start finding happiness in the happiness of others, then you will know the secret hidden within happiness. Remember that happiness is not always in wanting, praising, or doing something. Find happiness in small things of life and assume that you are happy. One can get happiness by doing his favorite work. If you are going to do what you want, then you get real happiness. Do some creative work, a useless person can never find happiness. True happiness lies in limiting your desires and remaining satisfied with your means. I have kept myself busy with writing. People say that I have maintained a perfect routine; this is the greatest pleasure for me. Sometimes I feel that there is a little life for what we want to do or want to achieve. Therefore every moment should live happily.

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    Happiness is a state of the mind. When we see a beautiful flower we feel happy. When we see a small kid laughing we feel happy. Like these certain things make us feel happy. Feeling happy is in your hands only. Some people even everything is normal also. will never feel happy. They will start worrying about something which is not there for him. So happiness comes from your thinking also. A good job, a good family and no loans. What more we require to feel happy. But some people never feel satisfied. They start worrying about having something else.
    No doubt there may be many problems in our lives. We will be trying to solve them one after another. Once we solve one problem we will get excited and feel happy. When there is darkness only we will feel the brightness of the day. Similarly, when we experience some problems only we know the value of happiness

    always confident

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    Happiness is something which we all want and like but it is not so easy to be happy. Some people are blessed with happiness in spite of problems and setbacks in their lives and that is really a commendable thing.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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