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    We need to understand the benefits of time management to know where our time goes?

    Many of us fail to understand the true value of time as we don't value our time and don't know what amount of time we have to spend on the things.

    Time management is a skill which is important for us all. We need to manage our time well so that our efficiency increases and stress levels reduces. Time management is important so that we may not face such issues.

    We must understand the importance of time management in life, we can achieve more in life by managing our time. Everybody has the same 24 hours in a day. It's important to learn how to utilise our time maximum so we can be productive at work and life in general.

    Below are the benefits of time management:

    # One of the main benefit of time management is that it allows us to be more efficient by being in control of how we spend our time on the things.

    # One can make a good decision as by time management one doesn't need to take decisions in haste.

    # Time management doesn't give us any extra hours. It teaches us how to get more time from the same number of hours.

    Time management help us to spare our time which we can spend on things that make us feel happy. Thus, we feel less stressed and harmonious life.

    So one should learn to manage time.
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    A well-focussed post. Time management is essential thing to spend a successful life. Taking care of time saves live hours for a person. He can spend his life more comfortably than one who does not utilize his time in a systematic way. Time is ticking away. Once time is gone is gone forever, never to return. In this way whole day passes without noticing how someone spent his time, then he has left nothing in his hands except repentance for wasting his precious moments of life.
    If we start our day early morning our time is increased if we get up late we start our day activity late, consequently, we shorten our day.

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    Managing the time is the best way to earn and learn because the time alone would support us during the crisis and the best moments of life. If the time management fumbles then we are at loss and cannot recoup the lost time. There are people who are well versed with the multi tasking abilities and use the time available effectively and that would benefit them in long run. And for many even the 24 hours is very short time for them as they keep on postponing and never have the urge to complete the work thus allotted. Those who has the habit of postponing or stalling the work for no reason they are bound to face the problem of no cooperation and backlashes from the immediate boss because the other works gets obstructed and stopped. So our time management is also connected to other works also and that has to be remembered.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A good post about essentials of time management. Time is the essence of everything in our lives and understanding the value of time and managing it is something which distinguishes an orderly and disciplined persons from the other people. But it requires a great will power, determination, focus, and burning desire to utilise the time in hand effectively. It is not everyone's cup of tea but one can learn the art of utilising time with practice and endurance. Those who know this art will be productive and will deliver outstanding results in their lives. There are examples of some great genius in the past who slept only a few hours and engaged all their time in scholarly and learnings hunting for newer and newer ideas.
    Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous 'Mona Lisa' artist was sleeping for an hour or so during his each of the working sessions and getting the total required sleep in a day in that fashion only. That is known as polyphasic sleep process and is also called the 'The Da Vinci Sleep Schedule'. He was doing it to utilise all his time in creative work.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very well written write up on time management. The author mentioned the benefits of time management very aptly.
    Time management is very important in our lives. We can't go into the past. That means time gone is gone. So we have to time our works properly and should try to complete as planned. When we schedule a meeting we should work out the timing also. The starting time is important and at the same time, closing time is also important.
    Punctuality is very important and for this time management is very important. Scheduling the works is very important. We should consider all the points and decide on the time requirement. Once we decide on the time, we should follow that.
    Time management should start at home. We have to work out backwards and we have to start our day as per that so that all works will be completed as planned. But many people fail here. They delay getting up and they start late and every work will be delayed and they will be finishing the works late only.

    always confident

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    Generally it is seen that successful people honour and respect time as it is the only entity which is there in short supply. You can have everything ready but if time is not there you cannot do it. So we have to respect it and utilise it in the best possible manner. In fact all the parents always tell their children to get up early in the morning and utilise those hours for studies. If one gets up late one is loosing hours everyday.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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