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    Are you ready to accept Sharad Pawar as future PM

    Shiv Sena has raked up the issue that NCP leader and Maharastrian political stalwart with huge political experience has the ability and know how to lead the country as the next UPA candidate for the post of PM, This is issue deliberately raised when the Congress is going to elect and go ahead with the Party president post and probably signalling that the PM candidature of Rahul Gandhi is for sure. But there seems to be less takers of his name and thus left in huff to Milan. Are you ready to accept Sharad Pawar as the future PM from the united opposition?
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    Shared Pawar is much better than Rahul Gandhi as P.M. candidate but this is merely a hypothetical question because the point is if present P.M. is discarded in 2024, then it may be surmised.
    However, I appreciate the author for bringing this issue on the forum. Shared Pawar is a veteran leader and a matured one. The present government in Maharashtra came into power because of him. He played a pivotal role to bring Congress and Shiv Sena together despite their wide ideological differences as both stands on two opposite poles. If you read between lines in statements of Shiv Sena supremo regarding Congress lately evince towards something fishy situation between NCP and SS.
    As a matter of fact, what I observe about future happenings and political developments is that BJP is not going to be ousted from the power because other sensational- readymade- issues are in the pipeline of this party.

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    Sharad Pawar is a senior leader and worked at State level as well as at the centre level in many capacities. He may be capable of leading the government as Prime Minister of India. He is much better than many other leaders in the Congress Party. But NCP is a regional party. He can get some seats in Maharastra. But Congress is a national level party and they may get more seats and they want their candidate to be the Prime Minister of the country. So how the two parties come together and come to an understanding is the important point.
    In India, we have many leaders who are interested in power only. At any cost, they will not allow others to come into power. That is why in India we are having so many parties. The best thing to happen is that NCP should get merged with Congress and Pawar should become the president of the Indian National Congress. Then it will become easy for him to become PM. But what are the chances?

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    Let us not dream of Sharad Pawar becoming PM of India. As long as the Gs are present, they may not allow this to happen, and the other veteran Congress leaders won't allow this to happen. Though Sharad Pawar is a good leader having his own party NCP in Maharashtra, it won't be possible for him to merge with Indian National Congress. He is fit to live in Mumbai only.
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    There are many choices for the PM post today and only thing is that people should get chance for it. I think we should change our thinking now for selecting a leader because too much senior and experience person but corrupt in his dealings will only bring misery to the country. The first and foremost criterion for PM post should be (and that is equally true for all the CM posts in our country) that the person should be honest and nationalistic in his approach. It does not matter who he is. He has to clean the machinery below. He could be Rahul Gandhi or Sharad Pawar or Gadkari or Amit Shah but should fulfil the condition number one. That is of primary importance because then only he can eradicate the menace of corruption from our country. If people think that any such proposed name has that reputation then it is a welcome matter.
    Another thing is that the age of a person should not be more than 75 (or any nearby figure which most of the people feel reasonable). Young people should also get chance. PM or CMs are the warriors who have to keep the development and book the corrupt and criminal minded people and monitor the civil administrators. We cannot afford to bring corrupt people to rule the country as the water has already crossed our heads and people are suffering from these vices which are omnipresent in our system.

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    If congress party comes back to power whether alone or with some other alliances then only the question of Sharad Pawar becoming a PM arises. If such a situation comes and people of India vote for the congress party and they propose the name of Sharad Powar as PM then we all will accept him and welcome him as our new PM. We do not have any problem in that because Sharad Powar being a seasoned and experienced politician can definite run the country just like the earlier congress leaders who managed to run the country for 70 glorious years. There is no problem.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    As Sun said Congress will not leave any chance to any one or any party on PM chair.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sharad Pawar is now an octogenarian. He was born on 12 December 1940 and completed 80 years. We don't want to have a person who crossed 80 as Prime Minister. We would like to have an experienced, active, smart, running politician between 50 and 60 to occupy the PMs chair.

    If required, we can make him President of India provided the Congress party comes to power.

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    Sun suggestion of making Pawar as the future president is also a good thinking to make him satisfy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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