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    Both are important - precis writing and elaboration

    Sometimes in our writings we are required to elaborate a theme or topic by giving details about it with examples here and there and covering the topic from its historic perspective to the future expectations and then only that elaborate write up becomes an interesting reading for the targeted audience. Many writers are well aware of that technique to be adopted for churning out longer articles.

    Another thing is precise writing where we have to comment or make brief about a matter in minimum words and that is also known as précis writing for briefing the ideas in a nutshell and presenting for the person who has no time to read the whole thing but is interested to know about it in a glimpse. In many organisation the top management demands such things.

    Both of these writing techniques are important for a writer and he has to be dextrous in both for making a successful writing career whether working in an organisation or freelancing. What do the members think about this?
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    It is like one-word answers, short answers and essay writing. We should be able to write anyway as required.
    When we read the writing of somebody we should be able to understand the writing. Again this is a two-way process. The writer should understand the level of readers and accordingly he should write. Then the readers should do all attempts to understand the write-up. If necessary they should use the dictionary to know the meaning of the word.
    The writing should not be like a teacher who teaches PG students teaching to primary school students. Then the students can't appreciate the knowledge of the teacher. They say that their teacher is better. So writing as per the standard of the readers is very important.

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    When we want to write an article then first we have to collect a large amount of information so that our articles gets the content as envisaged by us. Then comes the language and art of writing which varies considerably from one writer to another. Some authors can elaborate nicely without repeating the content and I think that is the primary requirement of elaborate writings.
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    Writing is an art. While writing, we require a lot of information regarding the topic. So, first thing is to collect more and more information. After that, we need vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. So, these two are an essential requirement for best writing. Moreover, writing style has also meaning during essay writing.


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    Writing is an art and we have to be the best judge as to where to share more and in detail and where to share in precis and little. For example the twitter sharing in social media is the best example of precis writing, that means we try to convey what we want to say either by writing a message or sharing with a image. Even the social media acts as a precis writing portal. But when it comes to sharing in this site, there cannot be precis writing and our site expects detailed response from the members with reasoning. So it depends on the situation and demand to share the detail or the short writing.
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