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    Money spent for your health is the biggest investment.

    The epidemic has once again proved in a strong way that investing in health is not only justified but also a wise act. Quality health for all does not just protect life, but it means that you are healthy and strong to live, thus you can make family, society, and economy all stronger.

    We often see that the elders of the family, especially the parents, skimp in spending for their health, they feel that this money can be useful for any need of children. But this is wrong to do so.

    Here, in ISC there are many members who are one of the most responsible and eldest people of their family. Are you all aware of your health or do you also give more importance to your family than your health?

    I have a humble request to all the parents to keep your health on priority. Because you are the biggest asset of your child and your healthy life becomes the strength of your children.
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    Health is wealth. Even though you have a lot of wealth if you have no health you have nothing to do and you can't be happy with your money. If health is not good, you can't eat what to want to eat, you can't travel to the places where you want to go and you can't enjoy your life. Then what is the use of wealth? If you have some money and if your health is good you can enjoy your life with whatever you have. So I feel health is much more important than wealth.
    We should take care of our health. What we are spending on our health is not a waste. It is a requirement and we should not hesitate to spend money on our health or on the health of our family members. As we become aged chances of getting health problems will be more. So we have to maintain good food habits and good habits so that we will have good health.

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    Health is important in life. If we are healthy we can earn wealth and fame but if we are not healthy we cannot do anything. There are people who don't care for their health. They don't do any physical activity to remain fit hence face problems of blood sugar and pressure. This is at the later stage they realise they have done a mistake by not concentrating on their health. It's essential for all of us to focus on our health by taking a balanced diet and by doing physical activities.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Good health refers to the body without any disease. A healthy family is a happy family where parents take care of the health of their children and they keep fit themselves too. Bodybuilding is becoming a passion for the youth of the day. It's a good trend and exposing body is also in vogue. Since movie actors who have good physique started exposing their body in movies youth is also following their footsteps.
    Governments spend billions of rupees on health but due to irregularities and corruption in the health department and hospitals health-schemes don't reach common people.

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    Money spent for our health is a useful spending. It is no waste. Only problem is some people cannot afford to spend a lot of money on medical matters because either they do not have money or they think that they will manage with some natural and life style alternatives. Sometimes it would work but not always. So, as said prevention is better than cure, one has to be careful in maintaining ones health and go for medical care when it is really required.
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    To keep you fit health wise, you need to take some precautionary steps so that no complication arises due to negligence. Avoidance of excess sugar, salt, oil, spices are some of the common steps and using all these judiciously will not pose health problem. Take your food only when you need it. Apart from it include dry fruits sparingly apart from taking some seasonal fruits. Any investment in this regard cannot be the whopping amount considering the maintenance of our health.
    You may have abundant wealth but this becomes meaningless if your health does not support you. In case of disorder of health, your entire accumulated wealth may drain in no time . Despite this health may not restore its normalcy and hence every care has to be taken at the initial stage so that we can avoid any health issues.

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    The irony of our lives is that the efforts and toiling that we do to earn the money for our comforts in our lives, many times causes health disorders due to excessive physical and mental exertion. And then, we have to spend the same money to make our health back to normal and cure the associated ailments. This is really a tricky situation as to choose one out of both health or wealth. Money spent for our health can be classified in many ways but the most common is the preventive health care and next one is post ailment care. If we take prevention by following a good lifestyle then we would be saved from many ailments and that discipline and order in life is itself an investment.
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    Many people I am seeing they are not even taking simple tiffin volunteer by their own when moving out. They normally see the money involved in spending for a tiffin as not a necessary one. Somebody normally postpones the needy treatment but later they spent in bulk by admitting themselves into hospitals. It is good to tell that needless to go to a doctor for simple reasons but is necessary to see a doctor if sickness persists for second day without fail. On no account one should avoid self medication.

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