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    It is not easy to convince someone .

    Every person wants to make themselves different. A person has a normal mindset to succeed in every sphere of life and to come before people as a skilled leader. Many times when someone does not agree with us, we feel very bad. It seems that our words have no effect. Some people are unable to say their words well even on stage.

    Every person has a different view to reveal their thoughts. Some people convince others by saying their words at a slow pace, some get speed by speaking and impress others. But some people consider gesture enough to convince.

    I think we can convince someone by using nice and lovely words with soft-spoken talks, but it is not necessary to always that front one will be convinced. Members, what should be the best way to convince someone as per your experience, please share.
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    It is very hard to concince to others if the other person has already decided not to be convinced, However, if you concince someone with right intention, right logic, right time and right manner everybody will succumb to your point of view. Even some of the toughest adamant may try to debunk you, nevertheless, they will not untouched with your impressive manner of presentation.

    I never try to concince others I candidly and forthrightly put my views and don't insist them to accept it as everyone is free to choose what is best for him/her. Some people wants to convince everyone and begin to squirm or feel unhappy or disappointed or angry if they are rejected.

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    Please read convince in place of concince. It is a typing mistake. I don't know why it happens when I reply online edit button becomes angry with my post.

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    If you have any thing to say in a particular topic, talk fearlessly and represent the same in low but effective tone. Not necessarily, everyone will be convinced with your ideas but even if your views are appreciated by half of the audience, you will be considered as a successful orator. However, you need to place your views before the audience and your views may produce a ripple effect before the listeners. It may create a climate where they have to reconsider the existing issue after hearing your points. Hence always reach out the people and place your ideas ignoring their non favourable comments.

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    Convincing is a two-way process. If you want to convince somebody, you should have the skill of convincing others. At the same time, the person whom you want to convince should be ready to hear your words. If his mindset will not change and if he doesn't want to hear from you, it will become easy to convince.
    Some people will have the talent of bringing in impressive points so that you will get attracted to their words. Some people will talk very smoothly but very clearly and they can highlight the point which will make others get convinces. The chances for those people to convince others will become easy than others. Some people will not have the talent of talking smoothly and they will convey what they want to convey but the other person may not get impressed.
    Some people will have enough patience and they will try their best to see that the mindset of the other person will change. But some will not have that much patience and they will try and leave it. They will not continue long.

    always confident

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    Yes, I have also faced such situations. This is mainly because of the others keeping their mind strong to the point they hold and so it is very difficult to convince them even though they are wrong. Many people hold their views as strong by believing that they are always right.

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    Convincing others is not so easy as everyone has their own convictions and anything against that will not be acceptable to them. One can simply request or present ones viewpoint in a cordial way but it is up to that person whether he takes it or rejects.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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