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    The constructive power of social media

    Social media has emerged globally a very strong entity and is definitely going to gain more strength and importance in the future. There are so many people engaged in social media platform sharing information and views and some of them are so important that many organisations, political parties, and different groups are scanning that information for their own benefits and manipulations. Social media is becoming very powerful day by day because it has an inherent strength of uniting a large number of like minded people on an issue and even Govt sees the trends in social media for making some important inferences. As it happens everywhere in this world, there are some bad elements also present in social media who are working on the directions of their criminal bosses and some corrupt people who try to mislead the public and visitors to social media in such a way that their misdeeds remain behind the curtain. So this is a threat in the social media which sometimes can make it weak also. But a constructive social media is a welcome measure and if we can develop a robust one not only public but the ruling party will also be benefitted much. But the ruling party whoever rules the country at times has to be cautious and not do any wrong thing because this powerful social media will not even leave them. Do you feel that constructive social media is really getting up to that level in our country?
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    Social media is playing a very important role in shaping the society worldwide. It's constructive as well as destructive. Political parties are also using social media to spread their positive messages to bring a maximum number of people in their respective fold. Twitter and Facebook are the most effective means of social media for political leaders. Almost all leaders, celebrities, sportsmen, musicians, singing stars, religious personalities, professionals in walks of life etc are active on social media especially Twitter. Each of them has a large fan-following.
    But hatred-mongering and anti-social elements are spreading their hatred campaign and nail their colours to the mast unhesitatingly and fearlessly and their accounts are not banned, especially, on Facebook.

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    You are very right, some people are misusing social media in a big way. That is a worrisome trend.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Social Media has become very strong media these days and playing an active role. It has become good interphase for communicating with different people. A common man's view can also go to higher levels and people in power people will also get a feeling of the people directly. That way it is good for the people to vent their feelings so that it will reach the concerned, There are incidents where ministers are taking action by seeing Twitter or Facebook. Some people are sending their request to the top people through this media. Otherwise, there is no way for them to communicate.
    At the same time, there are some problems also with this media. This is mainly due to some destructive elements in society and some selfish leaders. Some times fake news are getting spread and creating unwanted tension. If people who are reading this news can check the correctness before sharing or forwarding such news there will be some improvement.
    If we use this correctly it will become an important interface for all of us to communicate and interact.

    always confident

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    If a genuine issue is raised in the social media then many people join it and sometimes it becomes viral also. Like minded people will fight for their common issue. Some people take the help of their friends in social media to raise a voice against some Govt policies also. So, social media is definitely a powerful tool if used in a constructive way. If used in negative territory, it would harm all of us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The constructive power of social media is very strong and very impressive as we tend to believe what ever is appearing on the internet and social media is right as the sharing or forwarding has come from the reliable sources and those who are known to us. As the routine video sharing on social media not only increases our knowledge and know how, the people who are following us are also bound to be affected with our wrong sharing. So we have to careful to know the source of such media sharing and before forwarding to others we must make doubly sure that we have shard the best content.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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