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    Could I know exact reason why thread is deleted?

    This thread has been deleted. I think I have violated any rule/policy of ISC but if the exact reason is explained it is always appreciated.
    I have seen and shared my views also in some threads started by some other members. Threads were on "Sex education in schools" or "LGBT (gays)" etc and these topics did not violate any rule/policy of ISC?
    However, at the end of the day editor is always right.
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    From the link, I can understand that there is nothing wrong with the thread. You are asking why certain old people are trying be active, smart and fashionable like young men. The topic can be discussed well. Let us see what the editor has to say.
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    In my opinion your deleted thread directly taunts old people. It's unethical to say it on the social sites.

    The threads you are mentioning are okay as "Sex education" is one should learn. LGBT subject is okay to discuss as it's nothing unethical but it should be discussed to make people aware and make our society to açcept them without differentiating.


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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    There is nothing like unethical in this topic. It is not taunting the dandy people. It would be an interesting subject to discuss. Editors should reconsider their decision and put it back in the forum.

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    For me it's like a taunt though you may be having different opinion. As per the dictionary meaning it means "A dandy is someone who thinks a great deal about their appearance and always dresses in smart clothes".

    Don't you think this is the reason?


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    So What? The discussion would be the reason for some oldies to think to be young, dress young, act young. What could be the reason for it? This is what need to be discussed. Is it their money, their position, their power?
    I think, we can discuss it here. And I think editors won't delete this thread.

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    Sun, let the editor tell then why this thread is deleted?

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    ISC policies does not allow us to post any content on character assassination and especially the elders are most respected in our society and your thread goes against this.
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    In any moderated site which has a firm policies for its registered members a thread or any other content is deleted due to the following reasons and if our content and creative writing falls in that category we general accept this deletion which is in accordance with the rules, guidelines, and policies here. It has happened with many members in the past and will be happening continually whenever such contributions are uploaded by us. So one can oneself find out those objectionable lines in one's write up and in most of the cases we find it. In case it is still not understood then editors would guide us in the desired path.
    1. Sub-quality content.
    2. Attacking the individuality of other member.
    3. Affecting the sentiments of a group in the society.
    4. Abusing or insulting the people in high position by name.
    5. Any anti-national slogans or material.
    6. Violating the basic principles of Indian society.

    These are some which come to my mind but there could be many more in that category.

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    There may be many reasons for deleting a thread. Generally, the editor concerned will mention the reason for deleting the message. This will be visible to the author of the thread. But last time when one of my thread was deleted, no reason is mentioned for rejection. I have not taken it seriously and I left it there. There is no use making an issue out of it. But I also feel that if the reason is mentioned the author will understand at least what is the mistake he did and will not repeat such mistakes again.
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    In the topic under discussion, the author has questioned the old people, not a particular individual or a group. Like a thread raised 'Indian women and Jewels". Will it affect all the women? Similarly, the old people and their dandy.

    I insist that the editor should put back the thread for discussion, not to hurt the author.

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    Sun, as usual, it appears that you are more perturbed than the author due to the deletion of the thread. You need not be, should you? I feel it would be better if you leave after having your say. Why are you insisting on trying to prove your point? Not fair.

    Arafatuzzafar, to be frank, there is actually nothing wrong with the topic that you brought up for discussion. But it is the way you have developed your content, the tone of your expressions and a few words (in the context it has been used) that you have used that is not acceptable. We would have let the topic be discussed if you had put it up in a better way so as to suit the requirements of our site. Just go through the thread once again and think how it would have been if it was presented in a more polished manner and you will realize.

    For the consumption of all, let me reiterate that we do not delete threads blindly or for the sake of it. Our aim is to allow as many threads as possible, particularly those dealing with fresh and unique topics, but we are left with no choice at times because the contents, in some cases, are so constructed that it would not be possible to edit and tune such threads to bring it within our guidelines while keeping the idea of the author intact.

    Dr Rao, we do give reasons as and when required but when the reasons are explicit and can easily be understood by our experienced authors, I don't see any requirement for providing an explanation. Even otherwise, the Webmaster had already clarified on an earlier occasion that editors are not bound to provide explanations though we do try our best to stand up to the expectations of our contributors and clear their doubts to the best of our ability.

    Arafatuzzafar, you may bring up the topic again with a different title and contents if you wish to, provided, the guidelines are followed.

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    It is the freedom to express at ISC. As usual you have taunted me. Let me ask you one simple thing. As a good editor, if you find something wrong with the members thread, can't you edit the thread and give a good shape to it. Is it not the job of a good editor than deleting a thread? If I were an editor, I won't let any thread go to delete section. I will give rebirth to such threads.

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    Sun, please read my response above properly. You will get the answer to your doubt.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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