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    Anxiety may result in bad quality work

    We all will have many responsibilities both in the work area and in domestic are also. We will have many works to be completed. We have to address them well and finish them in a proper way and in time. Here finishing the work in time alone is not sufficient. Doing the work the way it has to be done is also very important.

    Some people will be very cool and calm and they will plan their works properly and complete them. They never show any symptoms of anxiety in working. But some people will become anxious and they make a lot of noise in completing the job. They will be always on run only and always they say they have no time. They will always hurry up things. Such people in their hurried behaviour may not concentrate much on the quality of the work and end up with substandard work. Such people will not grow fast in their career also.

    So don't get tensed. Be clam and complete the work efficiently.
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    Truly said by the author that the anxiety to finish the work fast would not only make us confused and not following the set rules but also face the set back in the result oriented task at the office or works. Some works need the series of coordination down the line and thus with anxiety we may face hurdle and stoppage for the free flow of work, And gifted are those who does every work more systematically and yet take their time giving more importance to the essence of the work and quality aimed at. That is the reason being so some are well versed in their works and fail to find any mistake in them.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is right. It is very difficult to tell when anxiety takes the form of the disease. But if there is a concern that has been around for a long time, it is certain that it can take a big form. If anxiety starts to increase while working, then the ability to work is sure to decrease, so by worrying you increase your confusion, it is better to focus more on work without worrying.

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