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    Every born person has the purpose to live here

    When we think of huge population across the world and in our country particular ,every one was born here with a purpose and everyone is interconnected to some or the other and thus the future living made is possible and moving. The way the family tree is created by getting married to different people outside the relations and then boding of each relations to further multiply the legal heirs something to be given a thought and thus one family gets big and bolder with lots of activities going on between their own family members.
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    But many of us don't know what is the purpose of our lives. Studying, earning, marrying, becoming a parent and then grandparent. This is what happens in the lives of most of us. What mark we are leaving on this land and how long people will remember us after we leave the earth is not known.
    Only a few people like Gandhiji will leave a mark here and they have a purpose in their life and they are the achievers. They worked for the sake of society and they never bothered about their self priorities.

    always confident

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    True, we all have come to fulfill some purpose in this world. But are the motives for humans only? Not other creatures, it seems that humans have considered themselves superior to other beings. We should help all creatures to fulfill their purpose of life by doing their deeds honestly. If your inner humanity starts functioning properly then you should not do any divine instructions for what you should do and what not. No intelligent person needs any preaching for this. But since people do not pay attention to the grandeur of the life process, they are busy preparing a motive for themselves. The truth is that the process of life is the real purpose of life.

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    It is to be noted here that some are born who get utilized and exploited by others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is the cycle of the whole system of mankind. We are born, grow up get education, do some kind of job to earn money, get married, beget children, educate them, raise them as parents, try to live happily, muster up all comforts for self and family, make friends, enemies and eventually die leaving all that we earned behind for others and soon people forget us. As the world goes on moving. Nobody stops for us. This system will keep ongoing as long as this planet exists.

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