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    Smile is an amazing spark that glows faces

    Smile is a beautiful thing that pierces through even the hard-hearted and provokes him to return the smile. It is a beautiful feeling that lifts the soul and animates the people around you. A smile adds elegance and attractiveness. It instils energy and powers those you welcome with a smiling face.

    Doesn't matter how costly or beautifully dressed up you are, a person looks pessimistic without a smile on the face. It adds beauty on the face of a person and looks confident and energetic. Smile is an amazing spark that glows faces and drips innocence! So, make it your habit to smile and greet people with a smiling face.
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    After reading this post my thought went to a video shared on the social media that a father sends a parcel of one banana which his younger child is more fond off. The way the boy gives the huge smile and laughter on seeing a banana sent as the parcel, his joy had no bounds and we was seen glowing with smile all over the face and that was adorable to watch. What I mean to say that the laugh should come automatically and not created. Some laughs are instant and some are artificial and not connected to us at all. And the laugh which comes from the inner heart is heart warming and more impressive.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice thread posted by the author. Your smile is most important to be happy. No matter what the situation, a smile will be on your face, then every difficulty will seem easy. Always keep a smile on your face and attract happiness to you. A smile on your face makes you everyone's favorite. A smiling face makes its own identity even in the crowd, so we should always keep a lovely smile on the face with happiness.

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    True. A smile costs nothing. A smile adds value to our face. So we all should have a smile always on our face. You can appreciate the difference between a face with a smile and without a smile when you look at your face with a smile and without a smile in a mirror. When we see somebody smiling we feel like smiling and we will reciprocate with a smile on the face. Small kids will smile at anybody and definitely, we will get attracted to them by seeing their smile. Some people will be reserved and serious. They never show a smile on their face. But that will create health problems for the individuals only. Keep smiling and maintain good health.
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    The author is right. A smile cost nothing but wins the heart. A cheerful makes your personality impressive. People like you and enjoy your company.
    I have also seen this a person who always smile people like to be his friend whereas a serious person who does not smile people don't like to stay in their company, latter being a better person than the former.

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    We would look to smiling face of our own child and our known relatives since that will reflect a good gesture. Such a smile is not artificial and it is from our inner heart. Hence it is reciprocated in that way by our relatives. Any stress appearing on our face would make our relatives anxious leaving a bad feeling to them. However, we must ensure that the smile appearing on the face is not the artificial one but it must come from within. Our own relatives can recognise our facial expressions and entertain them with the true smile.

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