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    People having passion in one area, attend the tasks in other areas efficiently

    Some people have passion for some activity like singing, reading, outdoor activities, trekking or hiking, social work etc. They enjoy that and can go on doing that endlessly. But in a real life scenario one has to do some other work also as one cannot survive just by doing the things that one likes. So these people will do some other work also but their mind will be with their passion activities only. Due to this urge what they will do is they will try to do other activities in a fast mode to finish them quickly and then come back to their interested ones. It would appear as if they are very smart and efficient doing like that but they are doing it due to that longing for the interest areas. So, what I want to emphasise is that due to their passion in some area they are compelled to excel somewhere else. Have you got such an experience in your life?
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    Like and passion goes hand in hand and those who are professionals in a field also knows the intricacies of other areas which requires the total precision of the understanding and work. For example a MD of a company should know all works so that the employees who are dull and slow can be questioned and even asked for reason as to why he was non performer. Likewise the works in various departments can be well gauged and managed because he knows the draw backs and achieving success through various means. And those who can manage the people through the crisis management are the best bet.
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    Some people are really smart in performing some activities as the author has suggested. They perform their work so efficiently so that they could get back to their activities of interest. To perform any responsibility efficiently require that working capacity should be time bound with accuracy and required hallmark of quality and if they fufill all the standard criteria while performing their responsibilities prove them as highly smart workers. Some people are really amazing. They can impress every onlooker by their performing-abilities.

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    If you have a passion for undertaking any assignment apart from your regular job, it would not be difficult one to take up the two chores simultaneously. We have seen some people working in a company and still they are persuing some professional qualifications with the hope of better career. They are the super performers in both the areas and you cannot find any flaw in their activities. Since they are self motivated and know how to handle two different situations with the proper allocation of times. For them, gossiping, sitting ideally, letharginess have no place in their lives. Their determined efforts provide them success.

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    To sustain livelihood, it's impossible to do only one thing. Each and every individual have to do multiple of activities. There are two types of people, one is multi tasker and the other is the person who does one task at a time. The first one have immense passion and love for one thing and even though he/she does other activities also but with surge level of passion for the miscellaneous tasks. The idiom- JACK OF ALL TRADE AND MASTER OF NONE, means a single individual is accountable for multiple tasks but ultimately it turns out, he/she doesn't finish any of the task completely. Multitasking is good for short term but for long term purpose, this type of person lack behind due to hectic schedule and plan.
    The other type of person who prefers one task at a time serves efficient for short term and long term purpose. They work more productively compared to the first type of person. I myself being an example of this type of person emphasis on doing one task for an approximate interval of time.

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    It is most often that the work that we enjoy because of our interest, we get it done in less time than the best, but many times the disliked work is carried away when circumstances come. If we apply our power of doing, believing, and knowing according to interest, then there will be no end to do, no end to believe, no end to know. If you put these three abilities in the appropriate place, then the work will be done easily. Some people have so much passion for their work that such people keep their work separate from their interests.

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    This is an interesting observation. People usually try to spend more time in the activities of their choice and try to either ignore other jobs or do complete them with a hurried gestures. We have seen in our house that when we tell the children that first do your homework and then only play the computer games or play cricket in the park then with a serious face and heavy heart they first complete their homework and then their faces are lit up with a new vigour when they ask us whether they can do the things of their choice. it is really a strange human attribute and will remain there for time immortal.
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