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    The after effects of opportunities those were neglected

    It is said that God would give three good opportunities to every human being to prove their mantle and profess and lucky are those who grabbed the first opportunity very well and placed in good position of life and society. The average persons are those who failed the first opportunity and grabbed the second chance and try to lead good life after little struggle. And the third set are people are those who lost two good chance and the their opportunity is also lost to the competitor or to those who bribed and thus the third category people are more.
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    Opportunities that come in our way should be utilised properly and should not be left out. One should be always alert and look around for a chance and should utilise the chances. I don't know about the quantification of these opportunities. But it is sure that opportunities will come very rarely. An intelligent person will never wait for the opportunity to come to him. In fact, he will go in search of opportunity and see that an opportunity is created for himself. Such people flourish well in their lives. Some people will have the intelligence of converting a threat to many people as an opportunity for him. Such people will go to greater heights in their lives.
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    The author is right. The right and appropriate use or misuse of opportunity determine the good and bad of our future personality. God does not provide life and opportunity to any living on this earth. He takes away every living being as a masterpiece by giving him the unique gift of opportunity on this earth. It happens many times with many people that they do not recognize the opportunity in their life and sometimes they do not recognize the value of time due to negligence. It is difficult to tell how many opportunities are available in life, but the person's own nature depends on whether he can take advantage of those opportunities or not. If the effort is made in the right way and the right direction at the right time, you will never have any opportunity.
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    What is the use of opportunities lost and repenting it for later.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Opportunities never stop coming to us, we need to grab them, however, best opportunities normally initially, but it is not always necessary, some other day better opportunity may come after a lower opportunity. Every opportunity has its own importance, we should not miss opportunities regardless of their value or importance or level. Keep on clicking till you get the best opportunity. Keep on firm over there as long as no other better opportunities comes across your way.

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    Opportunities will always be there but people have different perception about them and depending on ones circumstances and abilities one will be able to take advantage of that. One very interesting thing about this is that there are many people who get opportunity but due to their inherent laziness and inactive moods they do not grab it and the next person in line goes for it. When I was studying in my B.Sc. one of my relatives settled in US came to India and visited us and when my father told him about my score in the last exams, he immediately offered me to go with him to US and study further as at that time there was very good job opportunity in US and he insisted for that and told us that by next year we should tell him about this once passport and visa are done. He offered one room in his house also for a few years as a support to me. We forget about that incident and next year when he reminded us about that we simply told that we were not interested in that. Like this many things happen in the lives of people and until the person is ready wholeheartedly to grab the opportunity, nothing would happen.
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