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    When we will be free from frauds and crimes ?

    We are living with fear of un-trust people around us, cheating and frauds committed glaringly in front of our eyes and we are forced to live in the society which is more accustomed to crimes and anti social elements. Though we are minding our own business and living our own terms of life, we are being targeted and chased to milk in benefits from us through fraudulent means. How long our country would sustain such bad behavior from bad people and why the law is not zeroing on those anti people activity perusing gangs?
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    There are bad elements everywhere in the world and create problems for others and the society. We require a very firm and honest governance to control these people who are having these things as their profession. Earlier crimes were limited to physical world but now online frauds are also happening so often. The simple and innocent people become the victim of these bad elements and we all are suffering in one way or other.
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    I agree with the author and I appreciate him for raising this issue. Ours is a mixed society. Problem with our system is that fraudulent and criminals have become the part of our system, however, they are in less number but they have power and authority to corrupt the system which comes under their respective authorities. In some areas, some of them have absolute authority to impress lower strata of the system. They can manipulate the situations.

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    I think it is impossible to create a society without frauds and crimes. The crime rate is increasing. Frauds are becoming common these days. Many people are suffering. Added to this physical frauds, these days there are many frauds through the virtual system are also increasing. Cybercrimes are on rising. Many people are losing their wealth and money. As we are moving towards paperless transactions more cyber frauds are taking place. As long as the unemployment problem is there and the gap between the rich the poor gets widened we will see more and more frauds and crimes.
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    Crime and insecurity in cities are increasing day by day. Here the life and property of the common person are not safe. They have considered such incidents their destiny. What can be more unfortunate than this is that no strict steps have been taken to control these crimes and no attempt has been made to know their reasons. Many people willingly or unwillingly joined the anti-social and criminal elements. Due to this also the number of crimes are increasing day by day. An increase in criminal tendency is a social and economic problem as well as a political problem. There is a need to find a solution at these levels but it looks impossible to get a crime-free world.

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    Police must have civil dress vigil on those who are creating insecure living to others.
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    The only way to avoid crimes and fraudulent practices is to have a clean political system. A political system sits on the head of the administrative or bureaucratic machinery and it has to be tough and free of corrupt practices if it wants to keep the bureaucrats under strict vigil. Unfortunately it is easy to say so but very difficult to achieve. Eve a bad person in high position can make the system dirty and then even hundred good people cannot clean it. This is a fact though many innocent and simple people would not be able to imagine this proposition.
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