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    Should the caste tags on vehicles be banned throughout India?

    Recently, Uttar Pradesh government banned the caste names on all the vehicles. We find caste tags on vehicles throughout India. I don't know what people will get by writing their caste names on their vehicles, but it seems somewhat awkward. Probably, people are trying to feel proud by showing their caste names. Sometimes, even I see some vehicles having the children's names of the owner. Should the caste tags and other names on vehicles be banned throughout India?
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    This must be happening in the northern states. In the south, we don't find caste names on the vehicles. Of course, they will have some names to recognize. Writing the owners name and their children's name is acceptable. No harm. If our names can be suffixed with our caste viz Chenna Reddy, Rama Rao, Channdra Babu Naidu, Kamaraj Nadar, Deva Gowda, Rajagopal Achary, Sundara Pandiyan, Aandi Thevar, Thirumalai Naicker, What's wrong if written in our own vehicles?
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    I have also not seen vehicles with a caste name. But there will be names of the persons on the vehicles and the name may contain some indication about the caste. Sastry, Reddy, Chowdary, Gupta, Gowd etc are some names which will give an indication about the caste. In our country caste is playing an important role as the reservations based on caste is in force. Even a major percentage of voters will go by the caste of the candidate. So as such, it is very difficult to reduce the influence of caste in our system.
    This importance of caste should be reduced. For that, the reservations system based on caste should go and reservation based on the financial position should come. But no government will do that as the party doing this will lose its vote bank and may lose in elections.
    It makes no difference for a common man if the vehicles are having the name of the castes or not. It is good that the UP government stopped this caste writing on the vehicles. The other states may also follow.

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