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    Is it a political vendetta?

    Sanjay Raut has slammed central government and made allegations on centre for misusing ED and other government agencies for last few years against opponents of government. He was reacting on ED' summon to his wife. concerning PMC bank fraud case.
    Declaring that political battles should be "fought face to face. I have spoken to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the Shiv Sena will answer them in its own way. No need to panic. The importance of ED, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) or the Income Tax Department is decreasing. Earlier, when this agency took any action, it seemed that there was something serious. But for the last few years, it seems action from this agency happens when a political party is taking out its anger,".
    He said said he has a file on BJP which contains 121 names and he would soon give it to the Enforcement Directorate. He blamed government for political vendetta.
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    I don't know whether it is political vendetta or not. But political vendetta should be there in politics, otherwise we can't reduce corruption in our political system. As general public, we can't do anything to the powerful politicians. Only politicians can take on other politicians. If some politician does any corruption, he should have a fear in mind that if their party loses power, he should be ready to face the repercussions. As general public, we should have vigilance that whoever changes the party to avoid political vendetta, should be defeated in the next elections.

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    It is good that somehow or other the corrupt people will come out. It is welcome that Sanjay Raut thinking of handing over a file in which there are 121 names to Enforcement Directorate. If that happens we will know the real culprits. One way it will help the country in finding out the corrupt people.
    It is not good for any party to drag people who are not culprits to defame them. If these people prove themselves that they are innocent, then the public will come to know the foul game by one political party on others.
    But unfortunately, nothing will happen for long and we really don't know who is at fault. This is all a game in politics, The best example for this is the CBI case against the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Long back CBI investigated but still, it is pending in court only and it may be like that for another decade or so.

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